I tried to put a little “baseball glove oil” humor in the procedures of “how to oil your glove.”

Baseball Glove Oil Alternatives Shaving Cream

You can use many different oils and lotions to soften the leather of your baseball glove. Most people use shaving cream (preferably with lanolin), but you may also use others like Vaseline, mink oil, tanner’s glove oil, glove manufacturers oils, saddle soap, etc. Lubricate the glove with your lube preference, say shaving cream. Take a minimal amount of shaving cream and place clean cloth like a dish towel.

Rub the shaving cream into the glove, being careful not to use too much. Making sure the shaving cream is rubbed in well, and nothing remains. Now we are going to let it dry overnight. Make sure to note, that whichever oil, cream, or soap you decide to use, be sure not to overdo it. You will limit the life of your mitt.shaving-cream-hacks-13-9271737

Now it’s time to form a pocket in your glove. Just like we did before, we are going to use a clean cloth and wipe your glove down on the inside where you will be catching the ball, and then you let it sit and dry overnight.

The First Time 😉

Now that your glove has sat through its second night of being lathered it’s time to take it outside and play some catch! The idea is not to have a bonding session with your buddy but to help break in the glove. The break-in of the glove is by the impact of the ball you are hopefully catching.

Playing catch is also using the baseballs’ impact to stretch the leather and mold the glove to your hand. The glove has to feel natural when you are squeezing it.

Now it’s time for us to play “hide the ball in the glove pocket,” squeeze the glove together, make sure to keep the ball in the pocket, and then tie the glove up with a shoestring. Make sure that you are wrapping the shoestring around the outside of the glove where it’s holding the ball. That placement is going to help form the pocket so when the ball hits the glove as you are attempting to catch it, it will have a pocket to rest.

Tie Up the Glove

Now that you have lathered the glove for two days guess what? The glove now has to stay tied up for 1 to 2 more days depending if it’s been a good glove and responded to your procedures. Since the glove is all tied up and defenseless, the beautiful thing for you to do would be to make sure to keep it in comfortable temperatures. Leaving the glove in extreme heat will damage it.

After a few days of bondage, you can release the glove. Take it outside and play with it a little, do this daily for 10 to 15 minutes, or however long you want or have time for, and in about two to three weeks your glove should perform to your liking.

If you didn’t follow the story too well, here is a link that explains it without the fun.


How to Choose the Best Oil for Baseball Gloves

When choosing the best oil for your baseball glove, there are just a few things to keep in mind.

  • Intended use: Are you planning to break in a new baseball glove, or are you hoping to restore an older one? Perhaps you’re looking for a product that you can use to break in a new glove and then keep it in good condition as the seasons’ pass.
  • Size: Baseball glove oil comes in different sizes. Most packages contain just a few ounces, but a little goes a long way.
  • Price: If you’re worried that the best oil for baseball gloves might be expensive, put those fears to rest! Most products come in at less than $10, except for Hot Glove Treatment Instant Glove Break-In, a single package ought to last you for at least a few seasons.
  • Ingredients: Do you prefer all-natural ingredients, or are you okay with formulas that contain some petroleum products? Both will work; this is mainly a matter of personal preference.

Once you’ve chosen the best Baseball Glove Oil, take a little time to read the instructions carefully before getting to work on breaking in or restoring your glove. Remember to buff off any excess, and if you need to apply multiple treatments, give the first treatment some time to sink in before getting on to the next one. Armed with these tips, you’ll find it’s easy to choose the best oil for your baseball glove and put it to use. Once finished, your glove will be ready to enjoy.

Baseball Glove Oil Products You Might Like

Wilson Pro Stock Glove Conditioner

Is designed to condition, clean, and restore leather baseball gloves in a single step. With natural ingredients including Lanolin and Vitamin E, it softens leather while revitalizing its look and feel. This conditioner enhances your baseball glove’s color, keeping the glove looking newer, and restoring the natural scent of the leather. Besides being useful for breaking in new baseball gloves, Wilson Pro Stock Glove Conditioner is ideal for maintaining gloves throughout the playing season. Whether you are searching for the best Baseball Glove Oil for breaking in a new baseball glove or an excellent product for keeping your favorite old glove in great shape, you are likely to appreciate Wilson Pro Stock Glove Conditioner. Many people find this balm easier to apply than a liquid product, and a little goes a long way. Several reviewers mention using Wilson Pro Stock Glove Conditioner to restore old baseball gloves that have been in the storehouse for years or even decades.

Baseball/Softball Glove Conditioning Oil from Rawlings (4 oz.) Bundled with Applicator Cloth

Have a new glove to break-in? Or just trying to preserve an original glove? This 2-item bundle is made precisely for that! In this bundle, you will receive a four-ounce bottle of Rawlings Glovolium glove oil along with one applicator microfiber cloth. The cloth will make for a more convenient application process. The combination is the perfect kit for getting your glove “game ready” or preserving your old glove! Just apply a small amount of oil to the cloth and apply this to your glove. If used correctly, one bottle will go a long way!

Pecard Baseball Glove Conditioner

Softens leather and improves its suppleness while providing excellent protection from moisture. Designed specifically for baseball gloves made with oil tanned leather, it is useful for conditioning older gloves as well as for breaking in new ones.

Pecard is famous for its leather dressing, and Pecard Baseball Glove Conditioner gets high marks for its ability to restore softness to old baseball gloves by softening stiff fibers. Its ability to waterproof leather gives it a variety of other uses; for example, it can be applied to leather shoes and boots to help repel moisture, and one reviewer mentioned using it to restore an old leather jacket to excellent condition. While Pecard Baseball Glove Conditioner shouldn’t alter the color of most leather, it is advisable to use only a small amount and to test a hidden area before applying to your entire baseball glove, mainly if the leather is light-colored.

Nokona NLT Classic Leather Glove Conditioner

Speeds up the break-in process on new baseball gloves and is useful for cleaning and maintaining your glove. Made with paraffin and mineral oil, it has a consistency similar to that of petroleum jelly, making for smooth, spill-free application.

If you’re looking for a baseball glove conditioner with a light feel and you aren’t worried about using petroleum products, you might like Nokona NLT Classic Leather Glove Conditioner. While this is a small tube of conditioner, a tiny dab goes far, and some reviewers mention the tube lasting for multiple seasons. It’s worth noting that overuse can lead to a heavy or greasy feeling that will take quite some time to clear up. If you overapply, you may be able to use a microfiber cloth to absorb some of the excesses.

Hot Glove Cream Conditioner

Designed to clean, soften, and maintain leather baseball gloves, Hot Glove Cream Conditioner with Lanolin and Vitamin E helps leather repel moisture, yet it offers a lightweight feel. New gloves feel more flexible when Hot Glove Cream Conditioner is applied, and older ones are significantly improved.

Whether you want to break in a new baseball glove without putting it in the oven, or if you’d like to restore or maintain an older glove, you are likely to appreciate Hot Glove Cream Conditioner. This product does an excellent job of softening leather quickly, but it leaves no residue behind. It’s worth noting that some reviewers have successfully used this product on a variety of other items, including leather basketballs.

Hot Glove Treatment Instant Glove Break-In

Designed to break-in new baseball gloves the hot glove treatment also works on old gloves, conditioning, waterproofing, and restoring leather. Available in your choice of the pump or aerosol spray, Hot Glove Treatment is applied before warming your glove in the oven. The treatment is used on its own or applied before using a conditioning cream.

If you have a brand new baseball glove to break in and you want to spend a bit less time softening leather, you might like Hot Glove Treatment Instant Glove Break-In. Results vary with this product. Some reviewers note that this spray produces results in a single treatment, while others mention applying it three or even four times before getting the desired results.

Baseball Glove Oil & Conditioners

Whether you’re hoping to break in a brand new baseball glove, maintain a comfortable favorite, or restore an old treasure that’s been in storage for years, you’ll find that at least one of the following products will do the trick.