A hitter who is full of confidence will scare the living daylights out of pitchers. You just know the hitter is about to utterly crush the baseball.91fdazw-xpl-_sl1500_-1499555

The most dangerous thing that a hitter can have in the batter’s box is not bulky muscles, an oversized bat, or even a perfect swing. The most dangerous thing a hitter can have in the batter’s box is self Confidence.

What Gives a Hitter Self Confidence? The quickest way to get a hitter to have self-confidence pouring through their veins is by adding bat speed to their swing. That last statement deserves repeating. The quickest way to get a hitter to have self-confidence pouring through their veins is by adding bat speed to their swing.


Because most hitters will gain their confidence from watching what happens to the ball after they hit it. If they can feel the ball coming off the bat harder if they can see the ball going further, and if they can hear the bat cracking louder than it ever had before. Self Confidence starts pouring through their veins even if they still have a few swing flaws.

All they know is something has happened that has allowed them to hit the ball harder than they ever have before. In addition, in the hitter’s head “If I’m hitting the ball harder than I ever have before then I have improved. I believe in myself and my abilities more.”

Most of the time I hear hitters (or their coaches/parents) verbalized this thought in a much quicker, concise statement. “(You can just insert your favorite saying here)”:- )

When a hitter knows they are improving, they are more likely to dedicate themselves to the game. They are more likely to believe that they have a future in the Game of baseball.

They know that if they get into any trouble off the field that can really jeopardize their baseball future. That means less trouble and a brighter future. It may sound far-fetched, but that is exactly what happened to me. I saw that I had the opportunity to play in college and I dedicated myself to that goal with every ounce of my being.

Baseball Batting Trainer

The SKLZ Hurricane Category 4 Baseball Batting Trainer maintains the snap-back action of the first Hurricane with a sleeker design, additional power band (4 total) for fast-back action, and a high visibility impact head. Designed for baseball or fastpitch swing training, the Hurricane Category 4 allows batters to develop swing power, technique, and speed with a stationary or moving target.

Rugged, non-slip base for indoor/outdoor solo practice 47-inch target training stick with integrated ball provides ideal placement height extends from 29″ to 43″ for virtually any size and aged player, or ball position Heavy-duty but lightweight – moves easily almost anywhere.

Contents for the baseball batting trainer include: Hurricane Category 4 Unit, home plate, carry bag, 4 ground pins, 4 power bands

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Baseball Training Equipment

  • Better Hitting Mechanics –Improve technique, develop a better swing and gain confidence every time you step up to bat. The  Batting Trainer helps develop hand-eye coordination, hip rotation, stance, switch-hitting technique, and more. Improve your average and slugging percentage with solo swing training machine–simulates pitch motion or hitting off a tee
  • Focused Repetition Training – Improved with fourth power band for more resistance and quicker return and higher visibility impact head.  Build muscle memory as you practice with this heavy-duty, stand-alone, easy setup training tool. Improve your average with the SKLZ hurricane batting trainer, perfect for baseball or softball.
  • Automatic Feedback Response –The multi-twist design provides immediate feedback on your swing. Every time you hit the ball, you will gain more information to develop your skills based on ball contact, flight, power, and bat swing. Turns two-person baseball batting trainer into an advanced solo trainer.
  • Adjustable Training Tool – Adjust resistance and pitch height with the SKLZ hurricane category 4 batting trainer. The height adjusts from 29”-43”, imitating high and low pitches. Meanwhile, the power bands allow changing your speed from 1-4, making it ideal for any ball player.
  • Suitable for Ages 5 and Older

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Youth Baseball Training Equipment


Use this for solo tee practice or as a dynamic moving target. Work the baseball batting trainer with your teammates or gain an edge as you train independently. This advanced solo trainer’s power-generating snap-back action and multi-twist design provide immediate feedback on your swing.

Training doesn’t have to be limited to practice or on the field. With easy setup and break down, you can use the SKLZ Hurricane Category 4 batting trainer at home, at the park, or as a hitting station during drills. The heavy-duty hitting machine is made of steel but is lightweight enough to travel. The 4-foot base is non-slip and easy to set up. No tools are necessary. The gear includes ground stakes to keep it rock solid, even with a slugger taking swings.

Batting Trainer

Designed for baseball or softball swing training, the SKLZ hurricane category 4 batting trainer allows batters to improve power while focusing on consistent contact and generating bat speed. Featuring 4 Power bands for resistance and a high visibility impact head to enhance eye contact, this batting trainer can help any baseball or softball player become a better hitter.

Training Equipment for Baseball

The Hurrican batting trainer comes with four elastic resistance bands; the Hurricane Category 4 allows you to increase and decrease tension. SKLZ hurricane category 4 batting trainer teaches the player to drive through the pitch instead of pulling off with an incomplete swing.

Baseball Hitting Training Equipment

The high visibility target gives the athlete a prominent target to focus on and to react. Use it as a static target or a dynamic, moving target.

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Baseball Training Equipment for Hitting


The Hurricane Category 4 Batting Trainer can be used at home or in the training environment, allowing for continuous improvement at any time.

Improve Your Swing

There is something to be said about working out alone to improve your game.  Often you will wonder if anyone will notice all the hard work you put in.  Believe me, when I tell you this, they will.  Don’t give up and keep practicing. This tool is just for that; it is for you to be able to practice on those days when you are alone but feel like getting some swings.

Improve your batting average and slugging percentage with the SKLZ Hurricane Category 4 batting trainer. This solo swing training machine is the ideal baseball swing trainer for batters who are serious about their games. The leaner, meaner, more durable model provides immediate feedback on bat speed and power. And the integrated ball and stick mean you can practice alone–no more chasing balls!

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One Hand Bat Training Drill

The one-handed drill is one of my favorite exercises to make sure your hand path has zero defects. If you have a “hole” in your swing, the one-handed drill will be sure to find it! My philosophy is this; if you can hit the ball consistently well with one hand (both left and right hand) then you should be able to CRUSH the ball with two hands!

To do this drill properly, you will need a hurricane category 4 batting trainer. Also, you will likely need a smaller, lighter bat starting out. Swinging with one hand is more difficult than it looks like and you will gain a tremendous amount of forearm strength performing this drill!

Bat Training Drill Instructions

To begin, grip the bat with your “bottom hand”(choke up if you need to) and place your opposite hand across your body on your opposite hip. You are now ready to perform this drill, which you will do so by taking as normal of a swing as you can at the ball. This swing will include the load, swing and follow through. You will notice that to hit the ball effectively you will need to stay “short to the ball.” Take 5-10 swings with one hand, then switch to the other side and repeat this process.

Use the SKLZ hurricane category 4 batting trainer for two or a one hand bat trainer.  The one hand bat training can be done for both baseball or softball to perfect your swing. This tool allows you to improve your power while focusing on consistent contact and generating bat speed. With four elastic resistance bands, you can increase and decrease your tension as needed. The baseball batting trainer teaches you to drive through the ball, instead of stopping short.