Best Baseball Shoes

No matter what your skill level is, no matter what your background is, everyone has memories of running around with their new pair of sports shoes and playing an organized sport. Some resulted in epic victories, while some resulted in bitter losses. Whatever the outcome of the game or the results of the race, life lessons were learned, friends were made, and sometimes, a lifelong commitment to a particular sport was forged.

Sports Shoes

We have Updated for our newest version of the Best Baseball Shoes, Molded Cleats category, our list has a couple new options such as the New Balance Men’s Comptw1 and Mizuno Men’s 9-Spike Advanced Dominant TPU Molded Baseball Cleat, that can help increase your performance simply because of the high-quality technology supporting your efforts. Before selecting your next pair, be sure to read through our criteria section to help you pick a pair best suited for you!

Best Baseball Shoes

Best Baseball Shoes


With constantly evolving technology, shoe design and function, we’ve updated our list to include the best baseball shoes. This list was reviewed based on shoe performance and function unique to that sport for which it was designed.

Best Baseball Shoes

Best Baseball Shoes


With many different sports shoes on our list, we were able to really highlight a particular stand out shoe for Baseball. Following our list is criteria and FAQ section which should help explain how we went about choosing the best sports shoes.

Best Baseball Cleats

To be the best you can be, at any sport, you must have the right sports shoes. Footwear will vary from sport to sport, and that’s by design; key features go into the design of each shoe by brands that want to give their customers the competitive edge and the way in which to achieve new personal bests. Some sports shoes will need to be durable and stiff, others more lightweight and flexible. Each has a unique construction that utilizes the best options and technology in athletic footwear currently available.

With the right sports shoe for baseball, a foundation is set for the advancement of personal and professional goals, physical fitness, and overall performance. While all sports shoes will share common features, such as those designed to promote full ranges of motion, lasting comfort, and greater flexibility, they have certain key components that differentiate them and make them unique to their sport.

Here is a List of Baseball Training Supplies TOP Molded Baseball Cleats

(Ignore sizes in the description. There are plenty of sizes and colors to choose from)

New Balance Q417 COMPV1 White
New Balance - 6.5 - White
from $129.95
Nike Men's Huarache 2KFilth Pro Baseball Cleat
Nike - Blue
$82.00 - $37.51 from $44.49
New Balance Men's T4040v4 Turf Baseball Shoe
New Balance - Apparel
$77.61 - $13.90 from $63.71
Under Armour Men's Ultimate Turf Trainer
Under Armour - Shoes
from $42.71

Sports shoes are different from other athletic footwear in that interchanging them can cause injury, not just poor performance. They’re designed the way they are, under certain regulations and matching certain criteria, to be durable, functional, supportive, and ultimately effective so that athletes can give their best at every practice session and every sporting event.

If you’re interested in a specific sport, go out and find the retailers that specialize in sporting equipment and athletic footwear and try on as many brands as you can, because ultimately, an uncomfortable or ill-fitting shoe is an unworn shoe, and will only serve to hurt you and your wallet. Invest in your sport and in yourself, so that any time you walk on the diamond, you are prepared with the best footwear possible.

Criteria to the Best Baseball Shoes

With the variety listed here of baseball shoes, each brand has unique components when it comes to performance for their sport.  Each design was constructed so that whatever force or energy the body produced can be utilized most effectively in sport-specific movements, and give the support or structure needed to avoid injury.   We’ve separated these out into ‘sport specific’ and ‘general’ attributes shoes listed here should include.

Best Baseball Shoes – Performance Qualities

  • Best Baseball Shoes – Breathability

    Best Baseball Shoes

    Best Baseball Shoes

    All sports shoes, regardless of the sport they’re worn for, need a certain amount of breathability. This ensures proper airflow and air circulation, essential to prevent the overheating of your feet during strenuous physical activity. Some sporting events may last only a few hours, some all day. But most require lots of extensive practice sessions, and that means lots of time on your feet.

The best sports shoes will have perforations in the uppers because brands know that without that sort of ventilation, your progress and performance will suffer. Mesh combined with synthetic materials are best because they give you the air circulation you need, combined with stability and support.

Whether or not the sport requires lots of impact or sudden changes of movement, breathability, and proper ventilation will make you more comfortable, your feet free from bacteria, and your focus more in the game.

  • Best Baseball Shoes – Comfort

    Best Baseball Shoes

    Best Baseball Shoes

    Few features for a sports shoe are actually as important as the level of comfort. This is because an uncomfortable sports shoe is a shoe that quickly becomes unworn and thus, unbeneficial for the sporting event. While some sports shoes will naturally be flatter in the midsole, such as tennis shoes or golf shoes, they still should have a fair degree of padding. Arch support is more important in sports like football, soccer, and running marathons, but less so in cycling.

Cushioned EVA midsoles are great for a plush footfall, while a padded tongue and collar will ensure comfort around where your skin is thinnest and most sensitive to abrasion (especially around the ankle bone). Also, a customizable lacing system, such as those with a hook and loop design, can help streamline your comfort since you can make them as tight or as loose as you want.

  • Best Baseball Shoes – Fit

    sports shoes

    Best Baseball Shoes

    The fit of your sports shoe is essential to your performance since a loose-fitting shoe can mean distraction, irritation, or at worst, injury. Your form and concentration will suffer if you’re constantly dealing with an improperly fitting shoe.

Those athletes with wider feet, feet that are narrower, or other factors that make them think going up or down a size will improve the fit of the shoe need to pay attention to the materials the shoe is made with. Often times shoes just need to be broken in, because the materials they use, such as leather, or a pliable amalgamation of synthetic, textile, or mesh will expand and contract based on your movements.

Some shoes incorporate memory foam midsoles that will help the fit of a shoe as well as make it more comfortable. Some shoes have lacing systems that allow the wearer to customize the fit of the shoe with a few adjustments to a strap.

  • Best Baseball Shoes – Traction/Tread
    sports shoes

    Best Baseball Shoes

    For sports that are played on fields, involve uneven terrain, or take place in precarious environments, traction and tread are vital for stability and durability.

Football and soccer, whether played in or out of doors, require cleats with a lot of traction, the tread for which can vary in depth and enumeration. Tred for tennis and running should be sufficient for traction but enable movement more freely than cleated shoes.

  • Best Baseball Shoes – Flexibility

    Best Baseball Shoes

    Best Baseball Shoes

    Flexibility is a key component in sport’s shoes because it pertains to an athlete being able to achieve a full range of motion.

Sports like football, baseball, and soccer all have certain movements that need to be completed with follow through to advance the progression of the game, whereas they also have movements that are specific to each game that with more flexibility, comes greater dexterity and personal performance. Stiffer shoes tend to be stiff only in certain places with sport specific mechanics in mind, such as soles, or at the heel or toe cup where pivoting may occur.

Otherwise, an athlete should look for the use of lightweight materials, indentations or flex points in the grooves of the sole and outsole, and points where the shoe naturally bends during a full range of motion from heel to toe.

  • Best Baseball Shoes – Impact Shock Absorption
    The higher the impact of sport, the more necessary it is to have sports shoes that absorb the shock of impact. Shock absorbing features can consist of anything from thick rubber soles to gel midsoles, to added padding or cushion along the bottom of the foot.

Here is a List of the CURRENT BEST SELLERS of Molded Baseball Cleats

Different Sports Performance Shoes

  1. Football Sports Shoes – Football cleats can get quite specific based on playing field composition, player role or position, even the type of weather encountered. When looking for a quality cleat for outdoor fields, consider those with cleats designed to penetrate the ground for traction.

Cleat studs can be molded to the shoe, or removable to suit the player’s preference configuration. The cleat should have sufficient insole cushion to prevent harder cleats from aggravating the foot during wear and pressure pushing off the foot. A cleat with a longer lace up or ankle ‘boot’ will help to prevent injuries common in football due to contact, quick lateral movements, or pile-ups.

  1. Soccer Sports Shoes – Similar to football, it can have a variety of specific position nuances. Goalies will require something slightly different than a Midfielder may. Cleats for soccer should allow freedom for ankle movement but have solid construction on the uppers to kick the ball.  Cleats should be able to penetrate the ground but also designed to handle the ball when the foot is placed on top of it.
  1. Weightlifting Sports Shoes – General weightlifting shoes can simply be regular sneakers, but for performance in powerlifting, a more specialized shoe is needed. Shoes designed for squatting may have a higher heel than those designed for deadlifting, but both should have a sole with more rigidity than a regular sneaker.

Less padding and flat soles give maximum contact with the ground and provide stability.  A shoe that has the structure to keep slippage minimal is critical so that power translates to successful reps.

  1. Cycling Sports Shoes – Cycling requirements can vary depending on road cycling or BMX/MTB. BMX riders require something with a sticky sole that will allow the foot to stay on the pedals but also are removable from the pedal when executing tricks.  For road or competitive MTB riders, the cleat which clips into the pedals should have a rigid base.  This rigid sole helps maximize the transfer of power from the legs to the pedals by minimizing shoe flexion.
  1. Running Sports Shoes – Running shoes for performance again vary based on the surface you’re running on. Competitive track shoes will most likely be extremely lightweight and minimal with spikes for traction on the track.  Marathon or road shoes should give plush cushioning, and be constructed to maximize natural running gait and transfer weight efficiently forward.

As most runners won’t need lateral support, the uppers are usually a mesh or synthetic material, not designed to support side to side movements, but allow the foot to flatten or swell which occurs during extended periods of running.

  1. Tennis Sports Shoes – Unlike running shoes, tennis requires sufficient lateral support for quick side to side movements, and should be constructed with a firm upper or side to do so. The sole should allow for responsive impact adjustments when suddenly stopping and changing directions. Tennis shoes need to absorb the shock from constant running and feet planting.
  1. Basketball Sports Shoes – This can vary again based on the individual’s needs. Those who need ankle support should look for a higher top shoe, while those who prefer the freedom of movement can go with a low top shoe.

Similar to tennis, lateral support is needed in the upper or side construction to help with side to side or evasive maneuvering. Basketball shoes require denser rubber soles to account for time players spend leaping from the ground and running across the court.

  1. Golf Sports Shoes – Well constructed golf shoes are designed with physics in mind, to create the best environment during the swing.  Shoes with minimal heel slip or a heel cup help to stabilize, while cleats help provide traction without impairing movement by digging into the ground.  Cushioning in the insole and midsole should provide comfort enough for all-day wear.


Sports Shoes – Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Can certain sports shoes be used for multiple sports?
A: Some athletic shoes, such as cross trainers, are also used in a number of recreational sports, such as weightlifting, touch football, soccer, field hockey, etc. But professional athletes only ever use the specific sports shoe that’s unique to their sport because it’s made precisely for the events therein. While a soccer cleat and football cleat are similar, they’re not used for baseball just because they all require cleats.

Weightlifting shoes can’t be used to play tennis, but a tennis shoe can be used as a weightlifting shoe within reason (though it’s not recommended competitively). Your level of skill and athletic prowess in the particular sport of your preference will determine what shoe you need for your sport, but it can’t be used for any other sport unless regulations aren’t strictly enforced.

Q: How should sports shoes fit?
A: Well! You want your sports shoe to fit you as close to a second skin as possible so that you don’t lose any momentum. A track shoe, for instance, needs to be lightweight, snug and unencumbered by a lot of extra features.

A weightlifting shoe will be heavier, but it should still fit securely so your heels don’t slide out. If your cycling shoe doesn’t fit well, you’ll find your feet irritated and can risk injury, plus the loss of speed. A well-fitting sports shoe means you run faster, jump higher, and excel overall.

Q: Are more expensive sports shoes better?
A: This is debatable. Some sports shoes will be more expensive by design because their construction requires certain types of materials, fabrication methods, and regulating. Some sports shoes are associated with certain marketing and branding techniques, however, and aren’t any better than a less expensive option.

Sometimes sports shoes are universally less expensive in a more popular sport, such as football, where to charge a lot would be unwise, unlike in a niche market sport where supply and demand allow the supplier or manufacturer to charge as much as they want.

Q: Are sports shoes made for different foot widths?
A: While not specifically designed for different foot widths, some sports shoes are naturally more wide at the toe box, while some taper. Some widths differ from brand to brand. Soccer and football cleats naturally taper, whereas weightlifting shoes can be a bit roomier.

Cycling shoes tend to narrow, but cross country racing shoes tend to accommodate a variety of foot dimensions. Your best bet is to go to an athletic footwear store and try on all the different pairs of shoes featured for the specific sport you’re interested in and make sure you find out that fits the width of your feet properly.

Q: How long do sports shoes last?
A: Depending on the materials used to make them, and how often you use them, sports shoes should last at least a year. Now, if you’re on the track five days a week tearing it up, your shoes may have to be replaced more often (or at least your cleats!).

Likewise, you may blow through a pair football or soccer shoes in a season depending on the aggression of the practices and games. However, some sports shoes, like cycling shoes, don’t get as much wear because they aren’t constantly scraping or grinding against a surface.