Best Bat Grip Tape

There are numerous details you should consider when researching bat grip companies and which one produces the best bat grip tape — details that would include size, texture, material, thickness, and color. Also, check consumer reviews and suggestions when buying your Durasoft polymer bat grip tape.


Best Bat Grip Tape

Best Bat Grip Tape


Buying guide for the Best Bat Grip Tape

Most baseball players use a Durasoft polymer tape and will stick with the thinnest size, usually 0.5 mm. This ultra-thin size is helpful for the hitter to take advantage of the added grip and authentic feeling.

Lizard Skin Bat Tape

baseball bat grip tape for several years. The company has made it’s way to the top over the short while they have been in the game. Lizard skins use to manufacture bicycle handlebar grips and just transferred their rich knowledge to making baseball bat grips. That is why it has been so easy for them to create quality grips that are loved by many.

Lizard Skins Bat Grip, Camo, 1.1mm
246 Reviews
Lizard Skins Bat Grip, Camo, 1.1mm
  • 1.1mm in length
  • Camo Colors
  • Slip Resistant

Lizard skin best bat grip tape grips are designed to provide extra comfort to your hand. Their texture is excellent and provides an excellent feel for your hands. The Lizard skin bat tape grips can endure any weather condition and remain equally beneficial and comfortable.

When the baseball bat reaches contact with the baseball, vibration is felt. Lizard skin bat tape grips are created in such a way that they can drastically reduce the shock and help you follow through efficiently. They are made using a DSP Durasoft polymer which gives the grip tape a soft feel.

Lizard Skins Durasoft Polymer Bat Grip 1.1mm Blue
4 Reviews
Lizard Skins Durasoft Polymer Bat Grip 1.1mm Blue
  • Ultra Lightweight
  • Slip Resistant - wet or dry
  • Reduced Vibrations
  • Optimized Feel & Control
  • Available in a wide array of colors

Lizard Skin bat grips come with pre-cut edges that ease your installation method. Wrapping directions are also included in the kit. The best bat grips can easily be cleaned with a delicate towel that is dipped in isopropyl alcohol or water.

The Lizard Skin Bat Grips come in an array of colors with various patterns. The colors guarantee that the athletes can have the one with the most gratifying look to them.

Lizard Skins 1.8mm Camo Bat Grip, Wildfire Camo
418 Reviews
Lizard Skins 1.8mm Camo Bat Grip, Wildfire Camo
  • -Industry standard thickness on stock bats
  • -Highest vibration dampening effect
  • -Comfort for experienced players
  • -Full adhesive back
  • -990 mm (39 inches) in length with pre-cut ends

Rawlings Bat Grip Tape

Is a large company that assembles products used by professional players. Their specialization is in manufacturing baseball equipment. Specializing in baseball has permitted them to manufacture high-quality baseball gear that is trusted by countless people. Best Bat Grip Tape wraps are in use by players competing in any level of baseball and have the approval of numerous people.

Rawlings Bat Tape (Black)
60 Reviews
Rawlings Bat Tape (Black)
  • Durable bat tape
  • Rawlings product
  • Great for players of all caliber
  • All-purpose tape
  • Comes in Black

The Rawlings Company has been entirely committed to producing high-quality baseball and softball batting grip tapes. The bat grip tapes are suitable for all players no matter their level of the game. Each bat tape roll measures 3/4 inches by 30 inches.

This volume is good enough to cover an entire bat handle fully. It is an all-purpose grip tape that amazingly improves your grip. The grip has an authentic feel that is in common grip tapes. The traditional grip, however, makes it not be the best in combating water and reducing vibrations.

Rawlings 2.75mm Cushioned Bat Grip, Grey Camo
14 Reviews
Rawlings 2.75mm Cushioned Bat Grip, Grey Camo
  • Durable bat tape
  • Rawlings product
  • Great for players of all caliber

These grip tapes by Rawlings comes in many different colors. Camo color pattern is also available and can surely be purchased. The bat grip tapes have a tacky grip that restricts any sliding. The Rawlings bat grip tape can be placed since they have straight perpendicular edges that can guide you when wrapping.

The grip tapes are slim and therefore leave your bat comfortably fitting in the palm of your hand. The Rawlings bat grip is also useful in wrapping young players’ baseball bats.

Easton VRS Bat Grip Tapes

EastonCompany is the one that produces Easton VRS tapes. It has a solid history in baseball. The corporation has been manufacturing familiar metallic baseball bats that are continually in use in youth baseball. Their in-depth knowledge of bats and how they work has helped them in coming up with their bat grips. Easton’s best bat grip tape is a perfect fit for all bats, and one point to mention the Easton bat grips will not even stain batting gloves.

Easton VRS Grip
161 Reviews
Easton VRS Grip
  • 1.8mm dual-density polyurethane reduces shock and vibration

The VRS grips by Easton highlights a multi-layer dual-density construction that is 1.8mm thick. This benefits in reducing bat shake and shock. It also helps in heightening the concentration of the players in the game. The grip tape is using a polyurethane that has dual density. A diamond pattern is on the tape to improve comfort and eliminate splintering. The bat grip tape helps the use of the bat in any weather, as it remains equally useful without becoming less sticky.

Easton All Sports Grip WH
34 Reviews
Easton All Sports Grip WH
  • Double polyurethane enhanced comfort and durability for all sports
  • Embossed pattern for added tack
  • Great for all sports

These grips come with pre-cut ends that help your installation process. Wrapping instructions are also in the package. The bat grips can be clean easily with a soft towel that uses isopropyl alcohol or water. The bat grips also come in all colors and different designs. The color assures that the players can have a bat grip that is most pleasing to them.

Easton Hyperskin Grip, Blue, 1.2mm
27 Reviews
Easton Hyperskin Grip, Blue, 1.2mm
  • Get a grip on power
  • Textured, soft surface offers enhanced grip
  • Cushioned for a softer feel

Whether you are a professional or an amateur, there will be memories with this wrap. Easton Grips are very easy to set up on most types of bats.

Sweating Hand Scenario

Best Bat Grip Tape

Different hands call for different bat grip tape. A hitter with hands that sweat should use different batting tape than a player with dry hands. When choosing the best bat grip tape, you should first understand what to look for. If you have sweaty palms, a liquid resistant tape is not for you.

A resistant tape is not for you because a liquid resistant tape will fail to absorb the sweat and your hands will get wet and start sliding off the handle. If your hands are small and your bat fits properly, avoid using a thick tape or a roll of athletic tape. Thick grip tape will add a significant layer on the top of the already fitting bat and leave you uncomfortable with your swing.

Baseball bat grip tape is important. You should wrap your bat with a Durasoft polymer grip tape. The Durasoft polymer grip tape will allow the bat handle to sit firmly and comfortably in your hands.

There should not be any disturbance or harm from the bat grip tape to your palms when you are playing. Double check to ensure that the tape you are using is the correct one according to your needs and preferences. 

Vulcan Best Bat Grip Tape

Vulcan 1.75mm Bat Grip/Cotton Candy
Tanners Sporting Goods - Sports
Vulcan Yellow Splatter Standard Bat Grip 1.75mm
Tanners Sporting Goods - Sports
$9.79 - $1.00 $8.79
Vulcan Bat Grip
Tanners Sporting Goods - Sports

The Best Bat Grip Tape Brands – Click on Each Link to Take a Look!

  • Lizard Skins – Bat Wrap Tape – Lizard Skins DSP is unique to the touch with the right combination of softness and tackiness.
  • VULCAN Bat Grip – Bat Wrap Tape – Unique debossed VULCAN MAZE™ tread pattern that helps enhance your grip.
  • OMG – Oh My Grips – Bat Wrap Tape – Oh My Grips are a polymer blend to provide premium comfort, providing shock and vibration reduction throughout gameplay.
  • Rawlings Lightweight Bat Grip – Bat Wrap Tape – Ultra-thin synthetic grip. Provides extra feel for added bat control.
  • Hot Glove Mega Wrap 1.5mm Tacky Bat Grip – Bat Wrap Tape – Traction craters create a secure grip and extra tacky feel with Perforations to absorb sweat.
  • Alien Pros Baseball Bat Grip – Bat Wrap Tape – Our tacky overgrip tape is highly absorbent, helping to prevent slipping; is an excellent bat shock absorber.
  • Easton All Sports Bat Grip – Bat Wrap Tape – Double polyurethane enhanced comfort and durability for all sports. Embossed pattern for added tack.
  • Champro Sports Bat Grip – Bat Wrap Tape – Extreme tacky surface for improved grip and control with tapered edges for professional style Contour fit.
  • Marucci Bat Grip – Bat Wrap Tape – Advanced polymer bat grip technology maximizes grip on any wood, aluminum, or composite bat.
  • Mission Shock Grip – Bat Wrap One Piece – Patented, one-piece construction eliminates tape seams and inconsistencies of wrap style grips


Bat tape has become a more popular accessory used by baseball and softball players.  Bat tape is not only a way to accessorize the look of the bat but also can help in advancing the grip and comfort of the batting experience.  We even see a bigger number of MLB pros using it.

However, typical questions asked by those new to the bat tape demand is how to choose a brand, and what capacity or kind is best for you.  We have taped many bats over our years of expertise, and we are here to assist you to determine what is best for your needs.

The ideal grip tape should enhance your grip. The comfortable feel will also enhance confidence in return maximizes your batting potential. Be sure to get your bat grip tape from a trustworthy supplier who will sell you an original grip tape, knock-offs don’t last very long and loses its tackiness and comfort. The original ones are the only ones that can serve you the way you expect.