How do we know which is the best pitching machine? Which wheel spinning machine is going to take your player to the highest level? I can’t positively say which pitching device is going to do that, but what I can say is that I am very impressed with the Hack Attack and Hack Attack Junior Pitching Machines and since I own a Junior Hack Attack, I feel I can give a review on these two machines.

I will probably go back and forth speaking of one or both machines at the same time.  Just note that the difference between the two machines besides the price tag, is that the Hack Attack, not the Junior is slightly bigger with a little more power (Allows for more speed on the ball exiting the machine).  Other than that they do everything the same.

The Hack Attack – Best Pitching Machine

Is the Hack Attack Baseball Pitching Machine the hottest pitching machine on the market? This gem can throw various pitches at speeds that mimic a real game. A training tool that can do all this must be hard to come across? Not anymore.

The Hack Attack Baseball Pitching Machine consistently throws real baseballs at high speeds and sharp breaking curveballs that buckle your knees.  Those are a few things covered in our Hack Attack Baseball Pitching Machine Review.

The Hack Attack’s has a unique three-wheel design that allows you to view the ball all the way through the feeding motion, acceleration and release, just as if you are facing a live pitcher. The hitter sees when to stride and the spin on the ball during release, giving him an actual live-arm sense of timing and location.

When pitching the balls, you can adjust the settings of the pitching machine and determine the speed. The Hack Attack has an innovative design which allows you to change the height of the pitching machine. As a result, the Hack Attack can throw level pitches as well as grounders and fly-balls. Being that it can do these different features makes it perfect for use in defensive training as well as batting practice.

The Hack Attack Company has a reputation for building pitching machines which are consistently accurate and are preferred by professional players.

Hack Attack Pitching Machine Reviews – Read Now

What Does The Hack Attack Baseball Pitching Machine Offer

The Hack Attack Baseball Pitching Machine, I heard someone call it the blue flame pitching machine, is a pitching machine that’s designed to mimic a real-game, (except when using dimple balls. It tends to take a some of the realism out) high-level pitcher.

It comes with a 3-wheel pitching feature which is far more effective and realistic than the traditional one or two-wheel design on other machines. The Hack Attack is designed to simulate different types of pitches, and also has the added benefit of allowing the batter to see the baseball when being delivered.

That does not mean the Hack Attack doesn’t have its own set of flaws, however, and as you will soon find out, it’s not for everyone.  With that said, let’s shake things up and dig a little deeper into this magical pitching machine has to offer.

Positive Points of the Hack Attack Baseball Pitching Machines

  • It Is Incredibly Consistent
  • Has Very Good Accuracy Rate
  • Different Range of Pitching
  • Can be Easily Adjusted
  • Throws at High Speeds
  • Can pitch Baseball and Softballs
  • Can Transform into a Softball Pitching Machine
  • Comes with Multiple Throws (Inc. Fastballs, Curveballs and knuckleballs)
  • Supports Your Players Reading of Balls
  • Is Durable as Heck!

Those are for sure some positive points. I am sure there are more. Let’s see what we can find.

Hack Attack Baseball Pitching Machine Offers Game Realism

The Hack Attack Baseball Pitching Machine does bring game realism; The ability to mimic real pitchers pitches (say that fast three times) is probably the most impressive under-looked benefit the Hack Attack Baseball Pitching Machine brings to the field.

Like what I mentioned above, the batting machine comes with a clear and unrestricted design so your batter can see the ball during the feeding and release phase of each pitch. The plan is smart engineering as it can help your player to get themselves ready, find their feet and give them the opportunity to stride correctly and ultimately focus on reading the incoming pitch – just like the batter would do if it were a real game.

Best Pitching Machine For High School and College Baseball

Best Pitching Machine

The Hack Attack Machines can pitch both regulation type leather balls as well as the Jugs lightweight yellow dimple balls. If you want to practice hitting and you want the true feeling of hitting a ball in the game, you should hit with genuine leather baseballs.

It is also the only pitching machine that will convert quickly to throw a single 7.5″ diameter vision training ball. These critical forces are centering and tracking while maintaining proper hitting mechanics.

The Hack Attack’s three-wheel design changes the breaking pitch plane by merely adjusting wheel speed dials. (All two-wheel units require time-consuming awkward throwing head adjustments to change from fastballs to curveballs or right to left-handed breaking pitches.)

What Types Of Pitches

Aside from the eye-catching design, the Hack Attack Pitching Machine also comes with a variety of different types of pitches. With a smart turn of the dials, you can quickly produce Major League type fastballs, curveballs, split fingers, sliders and the nasty and effective knuckleball. What is even more impressive it doesn’t take much to change the settings for each pitch. All you do is twist the knob to the right numbers and bam! You are there. Now feed the machine.

Another promising feature is this is by far one of the quietest machines you’ll use, which is a bonus when you are trying to receive instructions from your coach, dad or in some cases, both.

The desire of making your practice drills and training session as realistic as possible is essential. Simulating live pitching is always helpful to you as a batter. It allows you to work on different aspects of your hitting game.

Hack Attack Pitching Machine Reviews – Read Now


One reason the Hack Attack is the Best Pitching Machine, it’s easy to make it portable.  Some say the Family of Hack Attack Pitching Machines is not mobile friendly, well I am here to tell you that is false.

The Hack Attack Pitching Machines quickly moves on and off the field. The throwing wheels, when transporting the machine, should never come in contact with the ground. The front wheel guards ensure that the Hack Attack Pitching Machines will not be damaged while being rolled out to its destination. Just easily roll the machine on the two transporting wheels, and away you go.

Hack Attack Baseball Pitching Machine Experience

The Hack Attack Baseball Pitching Machine supports proper preparation. Being prepared and ready is essential to the development of each athlete. At the time of this article, there is not another pitching machine on the market that can deliver such a seamless experience.

The Hack Attack Baseball Pitching Machine Brings Confidence to the player, coach, parents, and teammates. Why would I mention that? There’s nothing more frustrating than a pitching machine that throws inconsistent pitches in an uncontrolled way. Lookout!!

The Hack Attack Baseball Pitching Machine has a reputation of being consistent with its delivery of pitches with accuracy. You will not only get the same ball pitched to the same spot, but you will be able to stand back and focus on what matters most – your players overall hitting and swing mechanics.

The Hack Attack Baseball Pitching Machine is durable and very professional looking. Do I dare call it a Professional Pitching Machine?
It not only acts as the part of a real pitcher – but it’s probably more intimidating!

As I have mentioned above, the Hack Attack Baseball Pitching Machine comes with a unique 3-wheel design and its sleek looking features from head to toe – this pitching machine will do wonders for your players’ motivation and your professional perception.

Who Is The Hack Attack Baseball Pitching Machine For

Is the Hack Attack Baseball Pitching Machine a Professional Pitching Machine meant for Major League Players? Is it a Commercial pitching machine for theme parks?  Or is it just your everyday run of the mill pitching machine that anyone can use?

Answer: The Hack Attack Baseball Pitching Machine is for youth baseball players knocking on the door of the High School and College level. Or ideally suited for adults at an advanced level.

The Hack Attack Baseball Pitching Machine shouldn’t be the machine you invest in first if you are dealing with players just picking up the game.  The Hack Attack Junior is your machine for those players.

If you are looking for a baseball pitching machine that’s more suited to younger players or beginners, then check out the Junior Hack Attack. It is the smaller version of the Hack Attack but with all the same features. It’s a toned down version.

It is worth noting that the Hack Attack has a slightly steep price tag, compared to some other products in the same category. That is why we are also going to discuss the Hack Attack Jr.  However, both machines are perfect for use as a team-practice machine. In fact, given their portability, durability and sheer versatility, we can safely say that either one is the best pitching machine for team practice.