Whether you are watching a big league baseball game at home or cheering on your child at Little League, odds are you’re going to find players with one cheek bulging with the Best Sunflower Seeds. You’re certainly going to see some spitting from time to time. But why do baseball players love sunflower seeds so much?

Well, to begin with, they are delicious. But sunflower seeds are a relatively recent addition to America’s pastime. Sure, they enjoyed the tobacco, but also, it helped them maintain their mouths moist on the dusty fields. Back in these days, dugouts had dirt floors, so spitting a line of tobacco on the floor was not a massive deal.

Many said baseball players set a bad example for youngsters with their chaw. Plus, the debut of concrete flooring in dugouts supposed that after only one game, they turned into a spotted, brown mess.


Best Sunflower Seeds


Throughout the 1950s and’60s, some major league players began keeping a few sunflower seeds in their pocket rather than a plug of chew in their cheek. Their popularity grew over time until by the 1980s they had outstripped tobacco in its on-field recognition.

According to legend, some players could chew as much as a bag of seeds each half-inning! Then the fans wanted to get in on the delicious seed action, so many sellers now hurl bags of seeds through the air together with peanuts and crackerjack.

In the event you or your Little Leaguer are eating seeds while playing baseball, don’t forget to keep it safe. Do not eat seeds while running, since there’s a possibility you could choke on the seeds. If you are in the dugout, try to spit your seeds into a container so that it’s much easier to clean up after the game.

But most importantly, don’t forget to have fun. By chewing on seeds during a ball game, you are taking part in one of baseball’s oldest traditions.


After trying them out for many weeks, I can confidently say that these are the best sunflower seeds on the market today.

Their seeds much larger than the typical seeds, and you barely get a bad seed, if ever.

Moreover, the Spitz sunflower seed manufacturer carries numerous flavors like cracked pepper, dill pickle, and smokey BBQ. They have you covered no matter of what you prefer. And superior packaging ensures that the seeds are always fresh.

Taste — Having tried out virtually every flavor that Spitz offers, we depended on Cracked Pepper as the best taste of this lot. The flavor is not overdone, but then again, it is not so mild that you don’t notice — just the perfect amount of flavor to match your snacking needs.

Salt — Brands such as David and Bigs will depart from your mouth completely sore leave you with the much-dreaded sandpaper tongue. With Spitz, this is not something we have had to be worried about since they have less salt.


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Spitz Cracked Pepper Flavored Sunflower Seeds, 6 oz Bag (Pack of 12)

  • Includes 12 (6oz) bags of Spitz Cracked Pepper flavored Sunflowered Seeds
  • This flavor is all the rage. I mean what’s not to like. Pepper is awesome. And when you crack the pepper open to get cracked pepper, it’s even more awesome. In fact, we call it awesomemoreness. Try a bag today. It’s the taste that makes you come back for more.
  • Carefully sourced and selected seeds to ensure that our kernel-to-shell ratio is one of the largest in the business. So you get more seed in every shell.
  • We fire-roast every seed to perfection in small batches. This allow for a better-tasting and more consistent seed every time.
  • We sort our seeds twice for size to ensure only the largest get in the bag. We also sort by weight and color. All this to bring you only the best.

$22.79 – $8.30 from $14.49 

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Chinook Seedery seeds are some of the best sunflower seeds I have had in years. Having tried several brands out, and I am yet to see one who beats out this brand with a massive margin.

They taste better than most other seeds, have bigger shells (promised to be around 30% bigger than other brands) and meaty seeds. They are also non-GMO verified, but this does not come at the price of flavor.

You only have to appreciate how great the seeds on this listing are once you attempt seeds from the convenience store.

These seeds are so good you can not help but eat them all the time. They have just enough sea salt to make them flavorful, but not too much that they give you a sandpaper tongue. You can eat these seeds daily.

We love the Dill Pickle taste, but get a few distinct tastes and see what you like best. They are well worth it.


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Chinook Seedery Premium Sunflower Seeds Variety Pack, Small Batch, Non-GMO, One Each of Original, Parmesan & Pepper, Cinnamon Toast, Hatch Green Chile, Dill Pickle, Smokehouse BBQ, 4oz, Pack of 6

  • INCLUDED: 6 – 4 ounce bags of Chinook sunflower seeds, one of each flavor
  • GOOD FOR YOU: These sunflower seeds are Non-GMO Certified, gluten free, and all natural
  • MADE WITHOUT: Our all natural sunflower seeds do not contain MSG, artificial colors, trans fats, or GMOs
  • JUST RIGHT TASTE: Long lasting flavor profile with just the right amount of salt for the best taste possible. Huge Seeds! With an easily crackable shell and a crunchy brittle kernel
  • PERFECT SNACK: Ideal for baseball season, road trips, camping, fishing, hunting and more!

$29.96 – $8.01 from $21.95 

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One issue you’re likely going to come across in case you love sunflower seeds would be the salt. Some brands are excessively salty and leave your mouth feeling sore.

The claim is that these seeds have regarding 40 percent less salt. They still can taste great. They are roasted with less salt, meaning that they won’t leave you with the dreaded”sandpaper tongue.” That is great if you like to eat a lot of sunflower seeds

Giants Kettle Roast Sunflower Seeds are up there with our favorite sunflower seeds, and I have tried lots of different brands and flavors.

If you need your seeds with taste but do not like them with a great deal of salt, then give these seeds a chance!

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GIANTS Sunflower Seeds Roasted Salty Sweet Flavor, 5-Ounce Bags (Pack of 12)

  • Contains 12 – 5 oz. Re-Sealable Bags of GIANTS Original Kettle Roast Salty Sweet Sunflower Seeds
  • 35% less sodium than GIANTS Original Sunflower Seeds with a hint of sweetness for a great taste.
  • Salty Sweet flavor
  • GIANT Seeds
  • A great snack choice at the game or any on the go activities


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Bigs Sunflower Seeds Sea Salt & Black Pepper seeds are some of the best seeds in the marketplace. They arrive in a resealable bag, no artificial flavors or preservatives, are non-GMO and finally, are USA-grown.

I like that they’re drier and bigger making them a lot easier to crack open. The drawback for me is they have a great deal of salt. Add that to how much I like sunflower seeds and its way more salt than I must be having.

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BIGS Sea Salt & Black Pepper Sunflowers Seeds, 5.35-Ounce Bag(Pack of 12)

  • Contains twelve 5.35-ounce bags of BIGS Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper Sunflower Seeds
  • Sunflower seeds with real black peppercorns and fresh sea salt are perfect when you’re craving something different, but not too spicy
  • Fire-roasted for the biggest kernel crunch, and in convenient resealable bags
  • No artificial colors or preservatives in this quick, flavorful snack
  • We always use the highest-quality jumbo seeds from U.S. soil


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The first, original seed cuts. These are some of the best sunflower seeds, from the packaging to the dimensions and their taste.

Being what we grew up on, it is nostalgic to have these trustworthy seeds still make the list.

Cracking the shell is simpler compared to the smaller seeds. They have a great deal of salt that means you probably won’t be eating these for hours and hours. Just keep a glass of water handy.

They are extremely tough to find at convenience stores, but, luckily, Amazon always has them in stock, and for an unbeatable price.

If you enjoy sunflower seeds, then give them a chance, they’re delicious.

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DAVID Roasted and Salted Original Jumbo Sunflower Seeds, Keto Friendly, 5.25 oz, 12 Pack

  • Contains twelve 5.25 ounce bags of DAVID Original Jumbo Sunflower Seeds, great for group and solo snacking
  • Hunger doesn’t stop, even during crunch time. Munch on a tasty seed snack and keep your game face when minutes count
  • Packed with crunchy, salty, and delicious goodness, DAVID’s sunflower seeds have that dependable great taste you have always loved
  • Snack on these satisfyingly crunchy and salty sunflower seeds whenever hunger strikes
  • Keto Friendly Snack : 9 grams of protein, 3 grams net carbs (5 grams total carbs minus 2 grams dietary fiber), and 0 gram added sugar per serving

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Sunflower seeds and baseball are a match made in heaven. They’re as American as apple pie and are fantastic for baseball.