Best Youth Baseball Gloves – Buying the Best

It’s not easy finding the best youth baseball glove for a young player. There are many brands, models, sizes, and a handful of other factors to consider. Other than a bat, the glove is arguably the most vital piece of gear in a player’s armory. Whether you are selecting out a baseball glove for your son’s first tee-ball team, or you’re hunting for an upgrade or replacement glove for a Little League player, we’ve selected the best youth baseball gloves for you to look.


It seems relatively straightforward, right? If you want to buy a new Youth Baseball Glove jump into the car, drive to the sporting goods store and purchase one. It makes perfect sense if you are a casual player, weekend warrior, or doing it for fun.

Best Youth Baseball Gloves Size Chart

However, the bulk of young athletes who want a new baseball glove usually need a specific type or specific brand. Mizuno youth baseball gloves and Rawlings youth baseball gloves come to mind when talking about a particular brand.

Youth baseball gloves can be a little trickier than the adult baseball gloves. The best youth baseball glove you purchase today might not fit your child’s hand the following year. Another consideration when purchasing the best youth baseball glove today is it might not be useful for the new position next season. For that reason, I wish to help you decide on what it is you need so you can make an educated choice and get the best baseball glove at the right price.

Level Age Position Glove Size
T-Ball 3 to 6 years old All Positions 8.5″ – 10″
Youth 7 to 12 years old 1st Base 11.5″ – 12″
Youth 7 to 12 years old Infield 10.25″ – 11.5″
Youth 7 to 12 years old Outfield 11.5″ – 12.25″
Adult 12+ years old 1st Base 12″ – 13″
Adult 12+ years old Infield 11.25″ – 12″
Adult 12+ years old Outfield 12″ – 12.75″

There are various sizes, styles, and prices for youth baseball gloves, so you should have a significant benefit in finding the perfect glove.

There are places online that make custom youth baseball gloves. The downfall is sometimes those companies take weeks sometimes months to get the ordered filled.

There are still some sporting goods shops which offer lots of gloves. Unfortunately more and more aren’t providing very many and they don’t stock their shelves until the baseball season starts.

Don't Forget the Glove Oil and Conditioner

Best Youth Baseball Gloves:

While admittedly, not a replacement for skill, a quality youth baseball glove that matches well with a player will help them perform better on the Baseball Field. Quality doesn’t have to require that you spend a fortune, there are plenty of durable, long-lasting youth baseball gloves for a fair price. Purchasing a well-constructed leather glove should and will last many seasons if the glove is taken care of properly.

Best Youth Baseball Gloves Determined By Position

In most cases, a generic glove not the Wilson a450 youth baseball glove Best Youth Baseball Gloveswill be all you need for a youth player (though in some situations first base or catchers will need a proper game glove). When things get more contentious, the player’s defensive location on the field can also be a determining factor on the type of glove he or she should be using.

When choosing the size of a glove, it is essential to use the best youth baseball glove size chart you can find. The chart will help you decide which is right for you. Infielders should use a 10.5 youth baseball glove, 11-inch youth baseball glove, 11.5 youth baseball glove, or a 12-inch youth baseball glove. Pitchers glove size will vary, while first basemen, and catchers will use a first baseman’s glove and a catcher a catchers mitt.

Specialty Youth Gloves:

  • Catcher’s mitt – A youth catchers mitt is the big, thick padded glove. The padding is to reduce any bruising or sting which may occur when catching fastballs from a pitcher. The mitt is given a claw-like shape and structure to make sure the catcher would not miss the ball in any way. The catchers’ glove is fingerless and is designed to capture the ball quickly and keep it in hand without losing it. Some styles offer both left- and right-handed mitt designs.
  • First base glove – A youth first base glove is in the category of a special glove in that it’s bigger and has a deeper pocket. The first part of the break-in process is to form the pocket. Forming the pocket is done by playing catch, applying glove conditioner to soften the leather, and applying rubber bands to wrap your glove with a ball left inside the pocket. All this is so the first basemen can catch baseballs thrown from the infielders. Recurring times the ball is thrown in the ground, and the design of this glove is to scoop the baseball easier.

Small Youth Gloves:

  • Infielder’s glove – A youth infielder’s glove for players in the infield. The best youth baseball gloves are tiny and have a small pocket.  Infielders gloves are designed to be compact which allows the maximum amount of ball control it can also scoop the ball up and retrieve it quickly so that they can make the necessary throw. It is more prominent to see the second basemen use the smaller glove followed by the shortstop and third baseman.

Bigger Youth Gloves:

  • Outfielder’s glove – The best youth baseball gloves for outfielders are usually long and broad if you are buying a glove for an adult player. The more extended size is so they can reach and catch any ball hit towards them. The outfielder’s glove will help give a slight advantage when the outfielder has to jump or reach up high to catch a ball. Since Outfielder’s are catching more fly balls than infielders that is where the long glove comes in handy.
  • Outfielder’s Youth baseball glove – Buying this style of youth baseball glove, be it an Easton youth baseball glove or a Nike youth baseball glove will be a different experience than buying the best youth baseball gloves for infielders. Most younger players will have trouble trying to manage a bigger glove meant for an adult player. Their hands are smaller, therefore, have trouble squeezing the pocket of the glove together when the ball enters it. Of course, breaking in a youth baseball glove might alleviate the squeezing problem. A majority of youth players when first started playing will use the same size glove for infield and outfield.

Youth Baseball Glove Material:

The main point is when buying a glove for youth leagues is to stay away from plastic gloves. The synthetic gloves are uncomfortable and poorly made. These gloves are mainly for infants “fun time.”

Synthetic leather and composite mesh are materials found in lower-end gloves. If you’re looking for a cheap practice glove for the backyard, these types of gloves will do. But if your athlete is performing competitively at the recreational or little league level, it might be best to choose a youth baseball glove crafted from real leather instead.

Standard youth baseball gloves consist of varying grades of leather. These include top grain, full-grain, and premium. Baseball gloves that are top-grain are the best of the best and the easiest to break-in. Top grain pro stock gloves are durable.

Treated leather is a type of enhanced leather conditioned for a shortened break-in time. While treated leather gloves will be more comfortable and flexible from the get-go, they will also be more expensive – Wilson youth baseball gloves get a thumbs up when it comes to quality.

Quality of the Best Youth Baseball Gloves:

High-end youth gloves are genuine pro stock leather and are of the highest quality. These gloves will be more durable and last longer than other gloves made from synthetic leather.

Mid-price youth gloves are from treated leather which means it’s to have a softer feel. The treated leather gloves have a shorter break-in period if it has any “break-in” period at all.

The lower price youth baseball gloves are built out of synthetic materials and are often a glove for beginners. These youth gloves even if taken care of will not last as long as your high-end gloves.

Some of the best youth baseball gloves are what you would call a hybrid glove. The youth glove is a combination of leather and synthetic materials. The cost of the youth baseball glove that you purchase will depend on your budget and what position you play.

Best Youth Baseball Gloves Webbing:

Baseball glove webbing. There are many types of baseball glove web designs, and they fall into two main categories: open and close-webs.  A baseball glove with an uninterrupted webbing has a woven pattern that creates a reliable, unyielding web. Open web in your glove features a cross pattern that generates spacing between each piece of leather. Generally, a pitcher will want a closed web mitt to hide his grip from the opposing team. Infielders will want an open web to help track fly balls all the way into the glove. Many youth gloves featured a closed web pocket for more rigid support when catching and fielding balls.


Buying a top-tier pro stock glove is an investment in your game. It may be the right approach to wait before purchasing a high school or adult player glove. As a buyer or investor, you want to wait until the hands of your athlete have stopped growing.

For more competitive leagues and older players, a more expensive baseball glove can be a worthwhile investment.

Most athletes don’t buy their gloves during the season. As a parent or player, purchasing your glove before the season gives your athlete time to break in the glove. As a player make sure that the leather is a little loose and very manageable.

Best Baseball Gloves

In the game of baseball, the glove plays a major role and it can prevent injuries as well as prolong your playing career. It is more important for the youths who are new to the game so that they do not find the game hurting their palm. Different gloves are made up of different designs and materials.

Breaking in a Youth Baseball Glove:

A glove that is ready to perform is essential. A ready-to-perform glove by the beginning of the season is vital. Nobody wants a thick, stiff glove. The stiffness makes catching the baseball or softball much harder.

Remember when ordering to mention a youth left handed baseball glove or a youth right-handed baseball glove. As simple as that sounds, it is a common mistake.

You want to have confidence in all your baseball gear. Make sure you are trusting in your knowledge and get the best quality equipment within your budget.

We have listed the top best baseball gloves from the best baseball glove brands. They are all a value for money products and you need to go through them to understand why they deserve your purchase.

Easton Z-Flex Series Gloves

Best Youth Baseball Gloves

Easton Z-Flex Series Gloves

They offer excellent quality for a fair price, with an excessive pocket to help kids make extra catches. The Z-Flex technology helps the glove to be game ready when purchased. It highlights flexible bands on each side of the palm to help closure. The Z series glove is made with ultra-soft leather.

Part of Easton’s Best Youth Baseball Gloves

These innovative new gloves feature a 2-1-1 three-finger design, which combines the pinky and ring fingers to increase leverage when closing the glove. The z-flex palm and hog hide pigskin leather combine to provide lightweight performance and additional flexibility, and the lockdown adjustable wrist strap keeps it all in place. This model has a 9-inch utility pattern and deep traditional woven web for versatile performance all over the field.

  • Hog hide pigskin leather is lightweight, durable and extremely flexible, making it ideal for young kids
  • 2-1-1 three finger design combines pinky and ring finger to increase leverage when closing the glove
  • Z-flex palm allows for easy closing
  • Lockdown Adjustable wrist strap
  • Right-Hand Throw = Left Hand Glove, Left Hand Throw = Right-Hand Glove

Give young kids a hand with the Easton z-flex youth baseball gloves.

Rawlings Youth Gamer Pitcher/Infield Baseball Glove


Best Youth Baseball Gloves


The Rawlings Youth Gamer Baseball Glove

is one of the best gloves for serious youth baseball athletes. It is more costly than most options but offsets with its exceptional build quality.

Part of Rawlings Best Youth Baseball Gloves

Rawlings is one of best baseball glove brands. This baseball glove is available in many sizes and you can pick the one which gives you a perfect fit. This also comes in different colors and will offer you excellent control. With the Youth Pro Taper Fit pattern, it will provide good opening even for smaller hands. This is an all-leather glove which is perfect for youths. This is also very durable and the all-leather lacing makes it ideal for shortstops and basemen. The glove is comfortable and has got cushioned finger back lining. Additionally, there is also an index finger and palm padding. This will give you a secure fit and is perfect for growing hands which is why many consider it the best youth baseball glove.

  • Standard back highlights a spacious opening over the wrist
  • 30% player break-in
  • Moldable padding

Mizuno GPP1100Y3 Youth Prospect Ball Glove

Best Youth Baseball Gloves

Youth Prospect Baseball Glove

The Prospect is another high-quality glove but this time from Mizuno, another respected company of sports gear. Mizuno is one of the go-to businesses for first-time glove customers.

With this baseball glove, you will be able to make easy catching thanks to its Patented Power Close technology. You will also be able to make a good performance and get a maximum fit with the power lock closure.

This will enable young players to catch in the right way. This is lightweight and can also be used for other sports. This is made up of leather and will enhance the infield experience of a youth.

It is very soft and very comfy on the hand. The basket web design of the glove is perfect to get a catch and also to throw the ball. It is the best youth baseball glove to opt for.

  • Butter soft palm liner: PU palm lining for increased durability, feel, and comfort
  • Full grain pigskin leather: for great durability
  • Mzo lining: disperses perspiration away from the skin
  • Right-hand Throw= worn on the left hand, left-hand Throw= worn on the right hand
  • Right-Hand Throw = Left Hand Glove, Left Hand Throw = Right-Hand Glove

Rawlings Gamer Youth Pro Taper Glove Series

Youth Baseball Gloves

The Rawlings Gamer Youth Pro Taper Glove Series

The Rawlings Gamer Youth Pro Taper Glove Series is one of the most highly rated gloves on the market.

If you want your young athlete to be one of the best fielders on his team than this is a good glove choice for starting the goal. It is an 11-1/2-inch model that customizes to fit around the player’s wrist.

Coming in at 80 percent broken-in from the factory is what makes The Rawlings Youth Pro Taper Baseball Glove practice ready with little-to-no additional conditioning required.

Part of Rawlings Best Youth Baseball Gloves

Offering a limited hand opening and finger stalls that are lower, the Rawlings Gamer Series Youth Pro Taper Baseball Glove is a pro-style model specifically designed for hands that are still developing and growing.

This youth baseball glove is made with a soft leather that is full-grain that breaks in easily and quickly while maintaining shape and quality.

A padded thumb loop and all-leather finger back lining create a soft feel inside the glove, and a leather-reinforced palm pad delivers added impact protection.

  • 11 inch to an 11 1/2-inch all-leather glove great for young athletes with growing hands
  • Youth Pro Taper Fit pattern offers a smaller hand opening and lowered finger stalls
  • Pro-style design for players that enjoy the feel of perfection with a soft, full-grain leather shell
  • Added strength and durability comes from Tennessee Tanning rawhide leather laces
  • Modified Trap-Eze web with conventional back ideal for ideal for 2nd and 3rd basemen, shortstops, and pitchers

Louisville Slugger 11-Inch Genesis Infielders Gloves

Youth Baseball Gloves

Louisville Slugger Genesis Youth Glove

The Louisville Slugger Genesis Youth Glove is another option for our youth baseball glove review section. The glove is extremely durable and the grip is superior.

The palm of the glove uses a quality grade Buffalo leather and makes it a perfect fit for the different shapes of palms. Moreover, the glove is highly flexible and all the parameters like feel, look, and the fit is taken care of.

Part of Louisville’s Slugger’s Best Youth Baseball Gloves

When your young baseball player is ready to get on the diamond, the Genesis is waiting for them. This youth players glove and featuring buffalo leather and performance mesh, the Genesis series has a traditional, yet game-ready feel right off the shelf.

  • Size: 11 inch
  • Baseball Infielders Gloves
  • Buffalo Palm and Shell/Mesh Back
  • Manufacturer’s warranty: 1 year limited
  • Model: FGGN14-BN110

Rawlings Playmaker 11.5 glove

Best Youth Baseball Gloves


The product features under Amazon’s Choice for its high reviews and ratings. There are different sizes of glove available and you can choose between right-hand and left-hand glove.

The glove has basket-web and the shell is soft and pliable for easy closure. The soft lining inside enhances the comfort factor and there are neo-flex conventional back and the Velcro strap for a perfect fit.

The product is game ready and is the best youth baseball glove. It is both stylish and highly functional. Your kid will have a better control over its operation and closing.

  • 11.5 Inch Youth Model
  • Closed Web with an open back
  • Top Grain Steer hide and American Buffalo Leathers
  • Individually Handcrafted in the USA
  • 1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty from Nokona

Wilson Advisory Staff Baseball Glove

Best Youth Baseball Gloves

Wilson Advisory Staff Youth Baseball Glove

Wilson’s Advisory Staff Baseball Glove comes game ready for your youth player. The 11″ is the ideal size, and it’s available for left and right handed throwers.

The broken-in shell is made completely of leather, featuring dual welting for a durable and reliable pocket. For play off the shelf.

Part of Wilsons Best Youth Baseball Gloves

Another excellent baseball glove, this one will last for a long time as it is made of leather. It is available in different sizes and will keep your hand dry and cool.

This looks very attractive and is a good performing glove. This has been crafted to give you comfort as well as to enhance your performance. This is lightweight and will not break-off soon. Your kids will love the excellent quality glove.

  • Material: Leather
  • Size: 10.5″, 11″, 11.5″
  • Colors: 2 Colors
  • Style: Open Web; Open Back

Easton Stars & Stripes Youth Baseball Glove

Best Youth Baseball Gloves

Easton Stars & Stripes Youth Baseball Glove

This baseball glove is available in a couple of different sizes and is made up of premium Pigskin Leather. This is durable and perfect for the youth player.

This is fully adjustable, and the contour fit system allows having customizable thumb alterations. This will not wear and tear even if used for a prolonged time.

The pocket, which is hand-formed in the glove, is perfect for an easy catch or scoop up. The design of the modified H web will provide good depth.

The glove is very comfortable and is a value for money.

  • 11 Inch Youth Model
  • Red, White, and Blue Hog Hide Pigskin Leather
  • Lightweight and Durable
  • 3-Piece Z-Flex Palm for Easy Closing

While buying a baseball glove, you need to pay attention to its main four parts. They are the webbing, fingers, palm, and the heel. Each one of them is important in determining which is the best one of the lot.

Whether you are a pitcher, first base, third base, outfielder, or catcher, the above-mentioned baseball gloves are suitable for any position. However, you have to choose the size correctly in order to ensure perfect fitting. The MATERIALS are durable and there is enough padding to prevent impact.

It is always better to buy any sports accessory from reputed brands as you can trust in their quality products blindly.