Every game has little tricks that when properly mastered, the players are likely going to be successful and excel. Baseball is no exception, and there are also many tips to excel well in the game. For instance, there are a few tips for playing a baseball game under the cold weather. There also exist tricks as well as tips on How To Catch A Fly Ball In The Sun.


How To Catch A Fly Ball In The Sun

Lost In The Sun

Every baseball player will testify that catching fly balls that get lost in the sun can be such a nuisance. Yes! The sun can completely mess up the game for the baseball players. Besides, it is no secret that even though the sun is necessary for our existence, it poses a problem, especially on a clear day, no matter which angle you try to take when following the path of a ball in the air the glare just seems excessive.

Of course, this could, in turn, affect the efficiency of players on the baseball field. That said, some of the tips on catching a fly ball in the sun are as follows;

Wear The Right Baseball Shades

Generally, baseball shades are made to protect the eyes from the sun. Therefore, one of the best tips for How To Catch A Fly Ball In The Sun lies in wearing the right baseball sunglasses. Sunglasses should be a must- have for players who are playing in the outfield. Sunglasses will not only prevent glare, but they will also keep the bright sun out of the eyes of the players. It is nevertheless apparent that there are different types of baseball sunglasses on the market.

Each baseball player is therefore expected to do research and identify the pair that works best with his eyes. Researching sunglasses online and finding out which lenses work best in different situations will help make your decision and find the pair that will suit you best.

Of course, this is applicable on warm and sunny days as putting on your dark lens baseball shades on a dull and cloudy day could instead prevent you from performing well. If you are going to wear your sunglasses on an overcast day make sure you have a pair of Interchangeable sunglasses that offer an interlocking lens clips that allow a player to switch from dark lenses for bright conditions to yellow lenses for overcast weather.

The purpose of this color lens is to brighten up the surroundings. Colored lenses, such as orange or yellow do work and can help make the poor visual background easier to spot a baseball if you are dealing with a tough sky.

Or just have two pairs handy with the proper lens that matches the conditions outside. However, you will have a better chance of catching any fly ball that comes your way if you ensure that you put on your sunglasses when it’s needed.

Youth Baseball Sunglasses

Baseball Sunglasses made for the youth are pretty much the same as what the adults wear just in a smaller size.  The youth baseball sunglasses will offer a variety of styles and lenses just like the adult pairs. You can pick up a pair of Interchangeable lens sunglasses, Deluxe Flip-Up Sunglasses or a stylish pair of Rawlings Youth Pro Preferred RY132 Sunglasses just to name a few.

There are many choices for you to choose from. If you want to see more styles and models just click here.

How To Catch A Fly Ball By Blocking The Sun With Your Glove

Another tip on how to catch a fly ball in the sun is by using your fielders’ glove to block the sun. Even though it may sound funny to some people, but think of it as a bigger version of your bare hand. The glove is one of the easiest ways to prevent the sun from getting into the player’s eyes on the baseball field. Of course, there are many different types of baseball gloves on the market, and each player is expected to choose what they can conveniently use in playing.


How To Catch A Fly Ball In The Sun

That said, it is imperative for players to do a lot of practice on how to use their glove to catch a fly ball before an important game. Remember that you are likely to be less efficient if you try using your glove to shield your eyes from sunlight during an important game without prior practice. It is this simple; you should use your glove to block the path between your eyes and the sun giving you some shade and a chance to look up and find the baseball, so you can see where the ball is going to land.

Make Use Of Your Angles To Catch a Pop Fly

If you intend on catching fly balls in the sun, then it is imperative for you to learn to make great use of your angles. So you should, therefore, position your body in such a manner that the sun will be unable to block your view of the ball. Hence, once the ball is hit, you should immediately change your angle if you were very exposed to sunlight. Of course, you will also need to study the ball before positioning your body. Otherwise, you will end up not catching the fly ball.

As you study the ball, be sure to position yourself in the area where you think the ball will land. More so, when it comes to using angles, you should also position your eyes in the right place.

For instance, if a routine ball is hit your way while you are staring right into the sun, you should reposition your eyes from looking at the sun to looking in the direction of where you think the ball may land. When you attempt to do this take an angle with your body, so you are not squared up to the sun and look around with your eyes and sight on more of a level plain.

This will hopefully give you a chance to pick up the ball as it’s coming down.  The success rate of catching a ball this way is pretty low, but it does give you a chance.  Most of your Major League Players will try to position themselves between the ball and where they think it’s going to land in hopes to put the glove out and have the ball find the mitt.

These guys know that by doing this they are taking a chance at getting hit with the ball, and that is a chance they are willing to take to possibly make an outstanding play.

When Battling The Sun Stay Calm

How To Catch A Fly Ball In The Sun

Another tip of catching a fly ball in the sun is staying relaxed and calm. The truth is that panicking will result in many mistakes that will affect your overall performance in the baseball game.

It is evident that when the baseball goes right up, it is possible to lose sight for a few seconds. Well, you do not need to panic if you lose sight of the baseball in the sun. One thing is very certain that the ball must always come down as it can never remain in the air.

So instead of panicking over your inability to spot the ball in a split second, you should rather focus on positioning your angles so that you are not looking directly into the sun. Rest assured if you focus in the right direction, you will see the fly ball before it hits the ground. And of course, once you spot it, you are more likely to catch it.

It sounds easy, but I assure you that when the pros do it, they have practiced for the situation.  Losing the ball in the air and having the ability to pick it back up is something outfielders work on.  Practice makes you better, and with that the player makes it look easy.