Increase Your Baseball Throwing Velocity

Tryouts will be here before you know it and that means it’s time to get back to work so in today’s article I’m going to talk about seven exercises that will help you learn How To Throw Harder let’s get straight into it.

We’ve got seven exercises total three plyometric exercises, two med ball exercises, and two band exercises.

Exercise One On How To Throw Harder

How To Throw Harder

How To Throw Harder

Is gravity box jumps. This exercise is a great plyometric exercise that can be done anywhere when it comes to adding velocity, so grab a bucket a chair or anything else to sit on.
Be resourceful and use what you have. Now you want to think of this almost like a one-legged vertical leap.

Just sit down on the bucket bring your arms back while you lower your upper body to the ground and then explode off one foot. Try to do ten jumps per set alternating between your right and our left leg.

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Exercise Two On How To Throw Harder

How To Throw Harder

How To Throw Harder

Is split squat jumps. The split squat jumps is another excellent exercise that you can do with very little space. You’re going to feel this exercise work your quads, your glutes, and your hamstrings. My favorite part about this exercise is that it actually helps you develop strength and power simultaneously, and it also forces you to get into a triple extension position, which is what you’ll want to do when you’re throwing.

Start with one leg forward, and one leg back, sink into an athletic position where your knee is just slightly above the ground. Then you want to explode and jump as high as you can while in the air switch your feet and land softly in an athletic position and immediately begin the next repetition.

Pro tip with this exercise is when you get to the fourth or the fifth repetition you are going to start to feel a little bit of fatigue both mentally and physically. I want you to push through it and continue to jump as high as you can. With each repetition don’t just go through the motions with this exercise you truly get out what you put in.

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Exercise Three On How To Throw Harder

How To Throw Harder

How To Throw Harder

Is broad jumps to skaters. You’ve probably done a broad jump before you’ve also apparently done a skater before now we’re going to combine these two great plyometric exercises into one. The first part of this exercise is the broad jump. Start with your feet about shoulder width apart and a slight flexing your knees.

You want to lower your center of gravity while simultaneously bringing your arms back explode forward and jump as far as you can. You’ll notice that the faster you move your arms the further you’ll jump, land softly in an athletic position then immediately jump to one side than the other. Balance is a huge component in this exercise push off and land on the inside part of your foot, so your weight doesn’t drift out over your knee.

Exercise Four On How To Throw Harder

How To Throw Harder

How To Throw Harder

It’s time to bring out the medicine ball finally. We have overhead med ball throws. Start in an athletic position with the ball in front of your chest, bring the medicine ball down between your legs then explode and launch it over your head as far as you possibly can.

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Pro tip with this exercise most players use all arms in this drill, just like most players use all arm when throwing a baseball. I know you’re not most players right, so if you really want to throw this medicine ball a long way, and if you really want to throw a baseball as hard as possible when it comes down to using your big muscles to maximize your power to use your legs and watch your distance and your velocity improve.

Exercise Five On How To Throw Harder

We are going to incorporate a rotational component. I like to call this throws behind. Now this drill will increase your ground reaction. Forces your rotational power output which is the ultimate combination for high-velocity throwing, which is what it’s all about. Start with the med ball in the center of your chest, then lower it down to your throwing arm side about hip height.

Now, that means if you’re a right-handed thrower you’ll bring it down to your right side, then from there, you want to explode rapidly and throw the ball slightly backward and to the opposite side. Remember with these med ball exercises we want to be explosive and quick the more explosive you go, the harder you’ll throw remember that.

Another important point with this exercise is to make sure that you also throw the ball in the opposite direction so for a right-handed player be sure you’re also making throws to your right side.

Exercise Six On How To Throw Harder

How To Throw Harder

How To Throw Harder

Exercise number six is our very first band exercise, and this exercise is called reverse throws. If you don’t own a set of bands, you should get one. Every player looking to keep their arm healthy and strong needs to be using these they’re cheap, and they’re incredibly useful. Alright, let’s get into the exercise. You want to place the clip of the band near the bottom of the fence about shin height.

Now, why is this called reverse throws, well we’re going to start at the end of our throwing motion, so for a right-handed player begin with your left foot forward your chest and your chin over your front knee and your right arm in the follow-through position. All we’re going to do is make a reverse throwing motion, so bring your throwing arm back from the end of the throwing motion to the beginning.

Pro tip here is that this is not a moderate exercise. This exercise should be relatively quick. You want to control the resistance throughout the entire repetition. Don’t be exact with this one you should feel this on the back side of your shoulder.

Exercise Seven On How To Throw Harder

How To Throw Harder

How To Throw Harder

The elastic band pulls apart. This exercise is phenomenal for the overall health of your arm. You probably have never done this exercise before either, so let’s jump into it. Start by holding the bands in both hands and then place your arms out in front of your body.

There should be a little bit of slack in the bands. From that position, pull apart your hands. Resistance building is what you are going to feel. You want to finish this exercise with your arms out to your sides.

You will notice in that position the band is going to be fully taut against your chest, so then repeat. We want to focus on maybe ten reps for this exercise. I hope you enjoyed today’s lessons add these exercises to your routine and you’ll be throwing harder in no time.

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