Baseball is a popular sport to play and the uniforms can look cool. That is why many people are lining up to purchase one of the top 9 best baseball pants. The baseball look is a cool look to copy and the pants are very comfortable.

That is what gives them an edge over other pant styles in practice. These pants are also great to wear while playing the game as well. You get a stylish look and comfort at the same time. You can play your best without being distracted by a tight, pinching fit.

If you are not sure which pair of baseball pants made our top 9 best baseball pants list, simply keep reading our review. We highlight the best of the best.


Keeping your baseball pants clean and good looking is one way to make yourself look good whether you are playing the game or not. We know that most of you are experts in doing laundry. But just in case, here are some tips on how to keep your baseball pants clean:

  1. Shake first – this will remove any loose dirt or mud from the pants
  2. Are they colorfast – to determine if the colors added to the pants won’t change color or disappear? Mix 1 tbsp. of bleach with the ¼ cup of cold water. Find an out of the way spot and place a few drops on the color. If there is no color change, then the pants are colorfast
  3. What kind of stain – knowing this will help you treat the pants better and in the correct way
  4. Rinse first – that ay you may save yourself some work if the stain comes out at this point
  5. Use a vinegar & salt mixture – that is if the stain is a little tougher than you thought. Leave the mixture on for about a half an hour
  6. Wash the pants – use warm water to avoid shrinking.


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Open Bottom Profesional Style Baseball Pants White, Youth Small

  • Joe’s USA Open Bottom Relaxed Fit Baseball Pants – Sizes Youth XS – Adult 4XL.Professional tailoring and features throughout, Printed with Joe’s USA(tm) Logo Inside
  • Professional tailoring and features throughout. Double knee. Brass YKKzipper. Two inset back pockets
  • Tough but soft, 12.5oz. polyester fabric
  • 2″ elastic waistband with tunnel belt loops and double snap closure
  • Joe’s USA Model # USAOBPNTS


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5 Reviews

Baserunner Men’s Baseball and Softball Pants (Piped Grey/Blue, XX-Large)

  • Classic Fit for complete comfort and natural range of motion
  • Performance fabric wicks sweat and dry fast, is lightweight but durable. Machine wash
  • Features seven tapered pro-style belt loops and two batting glove back pockets
  • Dual layer knees for sliding protection and maximum durability
  • Imported

$22.00 – $5.00 from $17.00 

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52 Reviews

Joe’s USA – Youth Baseball Softball Pull Up Pants T-Ball-Grey-XXS

  • Joe’s USA – Youth Little League Baseball Pants- Youth 2X-Small to Youth X-Large
  • 12.5 oz. double knit polyester
  • 2″ elastic waistband with draw-cord, Ankle length inseam with mock fly
  • Reinforced double knee, Back Pocket
  • Elastic Waist Pull Up Baseball Pant. Printed with Joe’s USA(tm) Logo Inside baseball pants youth


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701 Reviews

EASTON Youth PRO PULL UP Baseball Softball Pant | 2020 | Grey | Youth X Small | Drawstring Waistband | Batting Glove Back Pocket | Elastic Bottom Opening | 100% Polyester

  • Engineered by Easton to make “junior” look like the pros
  • 100% Polyester/microfiber technology, Bio-Dri, UV protection and stain resistance
  • Mock stitched fly front
  • Flat waistband with inside draw cord
  • Front and back belt loops

$12.91 – $0.10 $12.81 

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13 Reviews

Easton Deluxe Pant, Gray, Medium

  • Baseball Clothing Pants


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547 Reviews

Under Armour Boys’ Clean Up Baseball Pants, Baseball Gray, Youth Medium

  • Material wicks sweat & dries really fast
  • Seven belt loops, working fly & double front enclosure
  • Dual-layer knees deliver added durability
  • Stretch-engineered waistband for superior mobility & insane comfort

$19.99 – $5.00 from $14.99 

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125 Reviews

Easton Youth Deluxe Pant, Gray, Medium

  • Baseball Clothing Pants


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506 Reviews

Mizuno Adult Women’s Belted Low Rise Fastpitch Softball Pant, Grey, Medium

  • Double knee
  • Performance Plus padding inside
  • Two set in back pockets
  • Tunnel belt loop waist
  • Fly front with extended two-snap closure

$38.00 – $3.01 $34.99 

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171 Reviews

Rawlings Men’s Knee-High Pants, Large, White

  • 100% polyester
  • Gripper elastic waistband
  • 2-way stetch material
  • 2 back pockets with tie-downs
  • 16-inch inseam

$45.00 – $4.56 $40.44 

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Best Baseball Pants

You can find these baseball pants in a variety of sizes and sizes range from extra-small to 4x extra-large. There is a pair of baseball pants in your size. Made from polyester, these baseball pants are soft yet tough.

They will handle the rough treatment you give them when you play baseball or go out on the town. These pants are also made for both men and women, boys and girls. The elastic waistband has belt loops to make sure they stay on securely.

Plus, the knees are double layered to protect them from tears and rips. Also, you get 2 back pockets for small items you need during the game or a night out. A snap closure seals the pants around your waist.


Best Baseball Pants

Made from 100 percent cotton, you know that these pants will be comfortable and durable. These classic fit baseball pants are made for men and the fabric helps keep sweat and the moisture away from the body.

A zipper closure ensures a comfortable fit and the overall design allows for natural movement with ease. Like other baseball pants, this pair sports 7 belt loops, double layered knees, and has 2 back pockets for batting gloves, etc.

You should not have difficulty in keeping these pants clean. They are machine washable. They are also very durable and should stand up to the roughest of baseball games. These pants will keep you looking good all game long.


Best Baseball Pants

These baseball pants are made for the young baseball player or fashion icon in your family. Their sizes range from 2x small to extra-large. There is no zipper or buttons to close up the front of the pants but that helps make these pants fit more comfortably.

Instead of a belt and belt loops, this variety of baseball pants uses an elastic waistband and a drawstring to secure them to your waist. Then they are made from extra-thick polyester to keep them durable and tough.

An elastic ankle keeps these pants tight around the lower leg preventing dirt from getting inside. A very comfortable fit and nice style are what makes these pants so attractive to users.


Best Baseball Pants

These pull up pants also do not have a zipper and uses a drawstring to keep them secure against the body. Several belt loops allow you to add a belt if they are too loose. These polyester fabric baseball pants are designed to resist stains, making them easier to clean.

An elastic leg bottom ensures a tight but comfortable fit. You will find one rear back pocket to stick your hand while you are waiting for the play to begin. You can also place your cell phone there for convenience.

Make sure you double check the size chart before purchasing This may save you the trouble of returning those baseball pants that were too big or too small.


Best Baseball Pants

These are men’s baseball pant and the come in sizes ranging between extra-small and 2x extra-large. Like the youth pants, these adult men’s pair provides UV protection, made from tough polyester and are stain resistant.

They also work to keep sweat and moisture away from the body. Belt loops are there if needed, a snap closure keeps them secure and a zipper is added for convenience. These pants are made to handle the treatment of adult men dish out as they play the game.

The only drawback may be the too thick zipper. This may spoil the look you are wanting from baseball pants. You can find these baseball pants in three colors- black, grey and white.


Best Baseball Pants

Made for boys, you can find these polyester pants come in the following colors black, grey and white. They also come with a fuller cut style for better fit and comfort. Snap closures make sure that the baseball pants stay securely in place as you play.

The fabric these baseball pants are made from will direct sweat and moisture away from the body. When they get dirty, just throw them in the washer at the right temperature and they will look good as new again.

These baseball pants may run a little larger than regular pants s double check your measurements and the size chart. You do not want to waste any time returning them for another pair.


Best Baseball Pants

The elastic ankle design allows your boy to slide with confidence. The pants won’t slide up exposing his leg to injury or bruises. Then these polyester baseball pants will help keep sweat and moisture away from his body.

Also, these stain resistant baseball pants come in sizes ranging from extra-small to extra-large.  Snap closures ensure that the pants are secure, and you can use a belt if you need to. You can choose between black, white and grey colors. Each one makes these zippered pants look good.

There is no worry about letting your boy stay in the sunshine for long periods of time. The fabric on these pants helps provide good UV protection. Double check the size chart and your measurements before ordering to make sure you get the right fit.


Best Baseball Pants

You will look stylish both on the field and the mall with these low-rise baseball pants. The double layered knees protect against tears and rips, while the elastic ankle feature hugs your legs. Extra padding in the seat keeps things nice and comfortable back there.

Then, while these baseball pants have a zippered front, they are made for women only. A double sap enclosure keeps these pants secure and tight, but if you need a belt, loops have been provided.

Made from double knit 100 percent polyester, these pants are made to handle the rough and tumble play that comes with baseball or fastpitch. Two back pockets are included to give you a place to put those necessary baseball items.


Best Baseball Pants

These baseball pants end at the knees, so you can highlight your baseball socks and play a lot harder. This style of baseball pants allows for more freedom of movement. Along with belt loops, you get an elastic waistband that grips your body and keeps the pants up where they belong.

The 100 percent polyester fabric is designed to stretch 2 ways, giving you more room for natural movements without losing any comfort. A zipper is included for convenience. You also get 2 back pockets. What makes these pockets different is that they have tie-down closures attached.

Easy to keep clean. Make sure you double check the size chart to know that you are getting the right size the first time you order.


The obvious answer is when you are playing on a baseball team in a league, there is a required part of the uniform. But you do not have to wear baseball pants just to play baseball. You can use them at other times as well.

Here are a few reasons why you should use baseball pants:

  • They are comfortable and soft
  • Protect your skin from getting scraps and burns when sliding
  • They are durable and strong
  • They are easy to keep clean
  • They will go with just about any color you want to wear
  • They are stylish
  • They help keep moisture away from your body
  • They protect you from UV rays


When you go out shopping for your next pair of baseball pants, you may need a little help in finding one of the best baseball pants. Here are a few tips to help guide your search:

  • Fabric- 100% cotton is always best though a little harder to keep clean. 100 percent polyester is your next choice.
  • Closures- drawstrings are okay but if you ant real pant wearing security, make sure they have snap on closures.
  • Style- belt loops are okay, zippers are better, and elastic ankles is up to your preference. Make sure you get the style that best suits your situation
  • Color- most baseball pants come in three colors- black, white or grey. If you find a different color that is okay.
  • Cleaning- make sure any coloring, pinstriping or another colored item on the pants are colorfast. You do want to wash the color away or change the red to pink when a boy is wearing the pants.
  • Warranty- if you get the wrong size by mistake, make sure you can exchange or return them without the hassle.
  • Price- just make sure they fit the budget. Most baseball pants are very affordable.


Some final words

Getting the right pair of baseball pants is essential. You do not want you or your kid standing out like a sore thumb and be ridiculed. You want to make sure that your ball player is comfortable Hitting, Running, Throwing, and Fielding a baseball.  Using one of the best baseball pants like knickers baseball pants is the smart way to dress for any baseball game. Only if you like that style. 😉

They are designed to take the rough in-game treatment. Also, they will continue to look good wash after wash, game after game.