What is the best baseball bat brand? Is the brand of the bat in today’s game making the difference? What is the secret to a youth player being a great hitter?

Often, the secret is in the bat that they use! Usually, the best youth hitters are using the best youth baseball bats.

When you arrive at the store or online shop, you have to understand the difference between the baseball bat brand, lengths, weights, and materials. It can drive a parent crazy.

So, where do you begin? Let’s start by looking at how one youth bat can be different from another.

The best youth baseball bat for any young player to use is going to be the bat that he or she is most comfortable.

So, we start with weight and length. A tall hitter needs a longer bat. A stronger hitter can handle a heavier bat.

A good practice is to set the head of a bat on the ground; the knob of the handle should easily rest in the batter’s palm.

Determine Your Bat Length by Your Age

Age Bat Length
5 – 7 years 24″ – 26″
8 – 9 years 26″ – 28″
10 years 28″ – 29″
11 – 12 years 30″ – 31″
13 – 14 years 31″ – 32″
15 – 16 years 32″ – 33″
17+ years 34″

Height 36″ – 40″ 41″ – 45″ 46″ – 48″ 49″ – 52″ 53″ – 56″ 57″ – 60″ 61″ – 64″ 65″ – 68″ 69″ – 72″ 73″ +
60 lbs or less
26″ 27″ 28″ 29″ 29″          
61 – 70 lbs 27″ 27″ 28″ 29″ 30″ 30″        
71 – 80 lbs   28″ 28″ 29″ 30″ 30″ 31″      
81 – 90 lbs   28″ 29″ 29″ 30″ 30″ 31″ 32″    
91 – 100 lbs   28″ 29″ 30″ 30″ 31″ 31″ 32″    
101 – 110 lbs   29″ 29″ 30″ 30″ 31″ 31″ 32″    
111 – 120 lbs   29″ 29″ 30″ 30″ 31″ 31″ 32″    
121 – 130 lbs   29″ 29″ 30″ 30″ 31″ 32″ 33″ 33″  
131 – 140 lbs   29″ 29″ 30″ 31″ 31″ 32″ 33″ 33″  
141 – 150 lbs     29″ 30″ 31″ 31″ 32″ 33″ 33″  
151 – 160 lbs     29″ 30″ 31″ 31″ 32″ 33″ 33″ 33″
161 – 170 lbs       31″ 31″ 31″ 32″ 33″ 33″ 34″
171 – 180 lbs           32″ 33″ 33″ 34″ 34″
180 + lbs             33″ 33″ 34″ 34″



A baseball bat’s weight compared to the baseball bat’s length. The comparison is by subtracting the weight (in ounces) of the bat from the length (in inches).

For example, If a bat is 27 inches long and weighs 15 ounces would be considered a “-12” bat.

Most leagues regulate this to ensure that safety standards and require a bat to between -7 and -13.5. The more significant the difference (called “drop”) also correlates to higher bat speed.


Next, you must consider what is the best baseball bat brand? Most youth leagues require a metal bat, which can come as a “one-piece” or “two-piece” bat. That is, a one-piece bat made of one type of metal.

(The chart shows the top four bats are two-piece and the bottom one is a one-piece bat)

The barrel and handle are from the same piece; there is no separation between the two. This type of bat is for stronger hitters. They use it because there is no give to the bat.

A two-piece bat is one that has two types of metal- one metal makes the barrel of the bat, and the other makes the handle of the bat. It is usually a composite handle. Then, the manufacturer bonds the two pieces together.

This style of a baseball bat is flexible which makes it favorable to hitters with less power. The flex action (trampoline effect) helps create energy and reduce vibration in the hands.

A two-piece bat can also come in multiple forms. The barrel of a two-piece bat is made from one type of metal or made from composite materials which offer a larger “sweet spot” for the hitter.

The composite bat offers a larger sweet spot which means more power for a hitter.


Finally, there are wooden bats, which are quite similar to their metal counterparts. There are both one-piece and two-piece wooden bats.

The critical difference is that most youth leagues won’t allow composite wood bats for safety reasons. The style of bat that you choose relies heavily on the form that your baseball player uses.

A final consideration in purchasing a bat is to look at your hitter’s style. Does your baseball player stand close to the plate, or does he or she have a balanced swing or stand away from the plate and extend when swinging? Does your baseball player prefer inside pitches or outside pitches?

It’s important when looking at the “taper” of a bat. The taper is how quickly the barrel shrinks into the handle. A sharp or “ultra-thin” taper is most useful to a hitter who likes to extend when swinging.

Now that we know the critical differences between bats, it’s time to look at what you are shopping. Do you want a great value or are you willing to spend top dollar?

There is a pretty significant price range. A balanced bat, tee-ball bat, can be as little as $20. From there, you can find alloy bats that range from about $49.99 to well over $300.


Some of the most popular brands and designers of youth baseball bats in today’s game are DeMarini, Easton, Louisville, Axe, and Marucci.

What is the best baseball bat brand – DEMARINI


In 1993, DeMarini bats revolutionized the industry, creating the first “double-walled” baseball bats. The focus of the DeMarini bats is to offer a large sweet spot for increased power.

The larger sweet spot makes the Demarini some of the Best Youth Baseball Bats that you will find.

What is the best baseball bat brand – EASTON


Easton is by far the most popular company in today’s market. They’ve been making aluminum bats since 1969.

Easton was the first company to start making aluminum bats, and they’ve held the market since.

What is the best baseball bat brand – MARUCCI

Marucci is an incredibly exciting company – the founder decided to build a bat for his son when he was eight years old. Jack Marucci started making wood bats and has transitioned into professionally making bats.
Rather than sponsoring players, Marucci invites them to be a part of their Advisory Board.

What is the best baseball bat brand – LOUISVILLE


Louisville has an exciting story that creates their legacy. Legend has it that young Bud Hellirich was a big baseball fan.

He slipped away from his father’s woodworking business to watch a baseball game. He saw that town’s all-star mired in a slump, and the player broke his bat.

Bud jumped on the opportunity to bring his father’s company into the baseball game. Bud took the player (Pete Browning) back to the shop and made a bat himself.

It took a few years after that, but Bud continually has players come to the shop, asking for bats.

After years of working with ballplayers, Bud took over the family company, focused the woodshop on baseball bats, and patented the name “Louisville Slugger.”

Louisville boat sales of over 100,000,000 bats in their company’s existence (122 years since being labeled “Louisville”). They also claim that they have a 60% share of MLB bats.

Doing some research, that isn’t entirely accurate. One site analyzed that bat of 76 MLB players and found that about 18.5% used Louisville.

They further analyzed the all-star game form 2012-2015 and found that Louisville makes up 26.5% of bats used in the All-Star game.

26.5% of the All-Star bats is a pretty impressive statistic. It’s safe to bet that the best players prefer the best bats, so if more than one out of four all-stars use Louisville, they’re high quality.

If they make the best professional bats, they probably make the best youth bats as well.

What is the best baseball bat brand – COMBAT


Combat is an exciting company that specializes in composite bats. They’ve come a long way since being established in 2004.

In fact, they’ve done so well with their composite material, that they were recently purchased by a Canadian company who wanted to use composite materials in hockey sticks.

They’ve done a great job, and specialize in composite materials that allow a player to hit the ball at maximum distance.

However, they have an incredibly difficult battle given that some youth leagues are banning composite materials.

That means a company with the best youth baseball bat on the market could be eliminated before given a chance to prove their product.

What is the best baseball bat brand – AXE


What is the Best Baseball Bat Brand?

After reading about the different Baseball Bat Brands. I will leave it up to you to make an informed decision when you go to the online store. There are benefits to every brand, every style, and every model. Please leave a comment below and let me know which Bat and Brand are your favorite.