5 Youth Baseball Training Tips


What are some useful Youth Baseball Training Tips? As a coach, the training tips I would give to a parent of a young player is that it’s essential to develop bat speed, build arm strength, and gain coordination. The Baseball training aids we promote at Baseball Training Supplies are to focus on a specific baseball skill set.

The skill set will help you improve your overall performance. Another part of the Youth Baseball Training Tips is to work on game-specific skills with the best fielding trainers, the best training balls, the best baseball throwing aids, the best baseball equipment or work on your hitting fundamentals with the best batting tee or the best-weighted impact balls for soft toss. That is a lot of “Best This and Best That,” but those are the type of tools you should have working with your athlete.


I was looking back at the last four years of all the baseball equipment I have ordered for my son to use to practice. Instead of cringing at the money I spent, I smiled. I smile because everything I bought to teach my son, I can now use it to train the team.  If I wanted, I could sell everything and get the right amount of my investment back.

Because I bought better quality items, they lasted over the years, and I still have them to use. If you are a parent or a young baseball player, what part of the game would you like to see improvement? Baseball training aids can help you develop specific aspects of your overall offensive and defensive performance. Let’s talk about improving the offensive side.


Youth Baseball Training Tips

Some younger coaches and parents would recommend a batting tee for younger players just learning the game. And I would entirely agree with that, but I wouldn’t agree with the suggestion on buying just a basic batting tee.

Tees are made different, and that is why there is a fluctuation in pricing. Batting tees or hitting tees, as some would call them, are different when it comes to quality of materials used to make the tee.

I grew up using a solid rubber tee that’s bottom base looked like home plate. Those tees were excellent for holding the ball in the correct place, but they kept falling apart because of inferior materials used to build the tee, so we had to continue to buy them.


Today, there are batting tees made different than what I had.  The quality and materials used today in making tees allow for them to have a much longer lifespan.  If we had these tees back when I was playing, it would have been money saved, I genuinely believe it.  For those reasons is why I suggest a Tanner Tee.  I bought a Tanner Tee for my son when he first started baseball a few years ago. And today I still use it with the high school team.

Tanner batting tee is built to take a lot of miss hits and the wear and tear that a young player will dispense on it. The Tanner tee and will last a long time, especially from our youth that is just starting their baseball training. This training tool helps develop hand-eye coordination and correct contact point for inside, middle and outside pitches.

Any part of a youth baseball training regimen you should always include hitting off what I consider one of the best baseball training hitting devices, the batting tee. The batting tee will give you instant feedback. For example, if you swing and hit below the ball and knock the rubber top out from under the ball, then you know you are dropping your hands.


Here is another from the collection of Youth Baseball Training Tips.  For those who don’t currently have a batting tee and wonder if there is another baseball hitting trainer, well there is, it’s heavy baseball slugs or also known as heavy impact balls. For the young hitter with little room to hit this could be the best baseball training ball to use. The Precision impact baseball slugs or balls are designed to be durable and used over and over.

The soft but solid cover is designed and weighted to provide instant REAL-TIME feedback, and this allows the hitter to adjust and fix the swing accordingly to increase hitting, power, and accuracy. The feedback you receive is essential no matter what current level you are playing. This training aid is also for improving your bat speed and strength.


Playing baseball and training fundamentals to the youth can be challenging and at the same time rewarding. I often wonder when I first start to train these younger baseball players, who will be the power hitters, who will have a strong arm and what type of pitch with they throw, how fast are they going to be, and how good the kids will be once they reach little league?


One of the best pieces of equipment used for training our youth baseball player is a pitching machine.  We use our pitching machine to substitute as a baseball fly ball trainer. Shoot-out baseballs in the air that give the outfielders a workout like no other. The pitching machine can place practice balls between two of the three outfielders and have them work on their communication.

We incorporate a fly ball drill allows that forces them to communicate and to take control of the situation. This drill eliminates any mistakes from being made and having the ball fall between the Players. Nothing is more frustrating to a coach than letting an easy fly ball drop to the ground for a hit.

Youth Baseball Training Tips

We also work defensive drills by placing the practice balls in the feeder and shooting out line drives. We like having the outfielders working on their drop step and depth perception of fly balls coming at them. Outfielders agree the hardest hit ball to judge distant wise is the line drive hit right at them. It’s so important to practice on these flyball and line drive drills. If we start working with young players it will be second nature to them when they get older.


One of the best baseball pitching machines that I would recommend for practice is the Hack Attack Junior. This Hack Attack Junior pitching machine is versatile and can do so many things. This pitching machine not only throws every pitch, but it’s also an excellent tool for working defenses. Some coaches call it fungo work. I own a Hack Attack Junior Pitching Machine, and it is what I use for simulating ground balls to the infielders.

The ability to place ground balls up the middle or in the hole is vital. We can give the middle infielders a better more efficient workout.  For example, we will have the machine shootout ground balls to work on turning double plays.

The Hack Attack Junior pitching machine can also be apart of the first basemen’s training, which is also great for training the youth. We can set the speed on the hitting machine to simulate weak throws, which allows the first basemen to work on scooping the ball and moving their feet to get into proper position. We also speed the machine back up to work on receiving a simulated thrown ball and using the appropriate technique of stretching to the ball when catching it.


Catchers using the pitching machine can benefit from the many exercises that are available to them. The catcher can work on framing technique, blocking drills, fly balls, and throwdowns. A throw-down is a catcher trying to throw out the runner attempting to steal a base.


There are other baseball training aids the will improve the young players catching, throwing and scooping abilities. A young baseball player can benefit from using a rebounder net, also known as a fielding trainer. These training nets help younger players sharpen their skills.

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The construction of these nets allows the freedom to set and adjust the rebounding net to work on game situations. The three different settings allow for fielding grounders, catching line drives, and fly balls. The fielding trainer sets up and disassembles in minutes making for quick and simple assembly.  The fielding trainer uses minimal storage space.


When watching youth baseball, it is usually easy to pick out the faster runners. Just like having batting tools, baseball training supplies also offers speed and agility training aids. Theinvincible agility ladder is one that we like. It’s crucial to boosting your speed and coordination, and this piece of equipment plays a vital role in doing that.

Remember, speed and quickness plays a primary part in today’s game, so it’s essential to put in the ladder work.


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Youth Baseball Training Tips

Earlier I talked about using a pitching machine for defensive drills. I should mention that we use real baseballs in the pitching machine, genuine leather baseballs, not the synthetic or the older, hard yellow dimple balls.

I would like to see more training with the youth where I live. In certain parts of the country youth baseball is booming, but here there is work to be done.

If you have any suggestions on drills or the use of training equipment, please leave a comment below.